Through Shadows

Trying to walk through the shadows Unsuccessfully trying to avoid the gloom Weeping does not allow a new course Shades relentless unidentifiable by men Enough slandering by waylaid journeyers Oh, angry son of Hyperion, there’s no mercy Ashes still breathe with rage within Transforming paradise with contradiction That which fades away is irretrievable  New wave of shadows across the horizon Silence is stifling the regressive … Continue reading Through Shadows

The Cauldron

The cauldron full of negative potion Raging fire beneath brings it to a boil Toxic fumes incapacitate the consciousness In the haze of insecurity and turmoil Obfuscating the breath of fresh air The original roots are withering away As the strong potion of negativity flows deep Vitiating the very source of life’s origins Weaknesses and fault lines are visible Life is left vulnerable from the … Continue reading The Cauldron

Sense of Hegemony

A false sense of hegemony Flares from the deep-rooted insecurity The strength is not in the numbers Or, being in perpetual state of fear Strength resides in an aware mind Away from the pillars of institutionalization Adapting to change and widening horizons Sometime cocoons won’t help metamorphose It becomes the darkest corner of the world There is only ‘now’ that is the only reality And … Continue reading Sense of Hegemony