Of Fury

It is not about feeding on anger and trying to digest it entirely, but also the adverse effects it has on the innards. There is a conviction that you will stomach it without being affected by its composition; the sense of anger being palatable and regularly feeding on it can cause a dietary aberration. The sudden churning in the abdomen may be neglected, but on … Continue reading Of Fury

Vacant Feelings

The pandemonium from the vacant arguments  Somehow, the day is forced to settle down unquietly Time is pulled into the argument and wound tightly Grotesque voices scrape across the walls Murals of anxiety, aggressiveness, and foul language Permanent signs of dissonance Natural lights have been barred from the premises The togetherness of loneliness and other passive fear Many overlapping coffee stains tables the discord Dust … Continue reading Vacant Feelings

Uneven Circumference

The uneven circumference of a roughly carved crucible What it holds is not much of a concern It barely balances itself; more spills over, creating a disorder Of spilt chances, thoughts, feelings, and love The small craters around the body hold some evidence Collected dust, mistrust, life’s contrast and pastiches Fingerprints coalesced to form some surreal patterns Relationships of convenience, rather than a choice Now, … Continue reading Uneven Circumference


An unfortunate want interrupts the sonorous voice from narrating the stories It was just about to begin when the mind was distracted by numerous desires Which universe conspires to unsettle the being with such trivialities? Impending quarrel darkens the mood and engages the senses for a duel With the being that did not wish to be interrupted while the narrations were about to begin Surrounded by … Continue reading Interruptions

Scattered Thoughts

The fate of those scattered thoughts and dilemma over their future Whether to relinquish power and let them disintegrate into million pieces The soul feels lighter due to a sudden decrease in emotions; less to worry about Relationships and their binds aren’t easily severed A realisation comes much later, and with it follows the lengthy composition of dirge Praying for mercy from the void; there’s no … Continue reading Scattered Thoughts

In Haste we Forget

In the banality of busyness, the crisp words melt away without a trace Only some aftertaste of repentance; a morning feels feverish in surrounding cold Willingly becoming an unwilling partner to the race that holds our hands roughly The wrists feel the pain, while the sore feet finds this experience rather tedious Easier leaving compared to the decisions a heart has to make while entering an … Continue reading In Haste we Forget

Set in Motion

Quintessential delusion freezes the motion of thoughts Impeding the actions that could have led to a friendship Pulling away the hand prematurely; fear acts as an aphrodisiac Stimulating the mind to form slanderous images Intelligent reasoning arrested by the network of aberrations One who is not at fault is defamed and shoved away With raging eyes evaporates the last drop of wisdom Rapidly vanishing reflection … Continue reading Set in Motion

A View

Do we see unemotional impudence on those imposing facades? Shadows slant with ridicule; running across the busy streets So many legs try to trample or erase the shadows of materialistic burden Yet, they wish to hasten towards them when the world turns hostile Instituting their presence over every mind with prolonged manipulations A vast Universe seems to diminish when naysayers invoke the antagonist Soul is … Continue reading A View