An Invitation

The invitations may not have been written in the language of the heart Only your name spelt in cursive, and a paper crafted by the laboured effort The scripted lines embellished with magnificent language to swoon over When held in the hand and rolled slowly, they evoke a sense of illusion Of being spoken about you from a distance about a blurry reflection Embossed letters … Continue reading An Invitation

Writing- Past, Present, and Future

Writing is a blessing! It gives the writer an opportunity to chronicle the past, present, and possible future. A sense of prescience guides the writer to live in all three realities. It’s interesting, exhilarating, and tiring while wandering through the realms and spending energy in finding the truth. The relevance of writing encompasses the entire spectrum of life. Understanding the subtle and relentless nuances of … Continue reading Writing- Past, Present, and Future

Pursuit of Poetry

Poetry is difficult to understand and even more so composing them. Achieving freedom with few lines in verses is no mean task. The poet strives to paint rich imagery to illustrate various human emotions and experiences. It has to be eloquent, even while describing the most difficult emotions; no wonder, the poet has to search deeper to pick the appropriate words. A poet has to … Continue reading Pursuit of Poetry


The resounding slap of nature surpasses the sound barrier Stunning; it wakes up lethargic consciousness from slumber Stultifying silence and apathy of heart revolting against its culture Hardworking monsters have built a replica of a dome There’s that constant reconnaissance threatening freedom of thoughts An air of artificiality stunts the maturing process of minds Every day the drink of disgust and slow toxicity is culpable … Continue reading Effect

That Leap

There are chances of leaping higher, from ecstatic feelings and freedom of expression A culture emerges from the clutter; there is a dream to create and propagate the zealous imaginations Ideas will be birthed and blossom into numerous aromatic flowers Without the expectations of acceptance and adulations; the sphere of silence is a magical space Myriad thoughts just float around like pollens Compressed and pasted … Continue reading That Leap

Sudden Euphoria

Most sophisticated inclinations toward the luxurious images craving for praise There are no subtle colours, but hues of disconcerting emotions entwined awkwardly Eyes are rarely cognizant of the hideous intentions to lure away the heart from simplicity The uneasy depictions from prurient feelings create a road of ultra brazenness Celebrations in a vacuum are a deleterious attempt to stay significant in macabre reality Such anarchism disrupt … Continue reading Sudden Euphoria


When thoughts are diligently shared Anonymous mind contemplates them   Not related, but consciously connected Beyond perceptions These are relationships undeciphered Profound interaction of intuitive minds Death is esoteric Thoughts have been delivered already Continuum ecosystem Thinking may be restricted in one While it continues in another reality Undefined is omniscience Human weakness fails to trample truth Absence of providential eyes Incomplete inferences of feeble intellect … Continue reading Remorseful