How many times a poem has to die Before it can resurface from untimely extinction It’s depth screams from forced obsolescence A superficial inquiry Superficial glance Poet is at the shore Witnessing a poem struggling to stay afloat Dunked in failed ideologies Where’s the depth to immerse the sentiments? Even after death there is rebirth Liberation of an eternal kind ~Amitav Continue reading Doubtfulness

It’s Just Loud

It’s unreasonable drowning in the loudness Self-sacrificed silence; listening to anxious voices Igniting a firestorm Sensing that pride of listeners Eyes glaringly reflect unhallowed emotions Quietened heart insulted with profanities Where has intellectualism gone? Weaknesses have triggered enough conflicts Callow minds fail to interpret Feeble seeds of desire wish to thrive Loudness is the defense of anti-intellectuals Difficult surviving the waves of intense insolence Nature’s … Continue reading It’s Just Loud

Too Soon

A fresh day ripens too soon Just the mornings set the tone An unnatural chemistry Listen carefully, To the confessions Forgotten names Deliberate numbers Calculate the worthiness Automobile noises Screaming billboards That’s called articulation! So innovative, The designs and creativity To paint the town Frantic movements Crisscrossing the streets Look at the pattern Titles are frivolous Among coerced narratives Voice of masses Trying to speak … Continue reading Too Soon

The Silent One Who Speaks

Stolid face; for stones cannot utter languages at will Maybe the perception of an onlooker trying to identify the Muse Details in the folds of a face narrates a story Eyes too stare at the inquiring eyes of the passers-by Why suffer boredom? Instead, silence can be translated Stillness should not deter the heart to start a conversation Think of the noise of chiselling and … Continue reading The Silent One Who Speaks

Ineffective Correspondence

Naive tutoring wishes to influence the words to propound slight ideas Only suitable to fill the hollow spaces created by egotist voices Misfortune, the language is stripped of its sincere robes Communication isn’t about being vociferous among acquaintances Reading out; when the intellectuals have relied on reading in When every publication becomes a drivel and reviews are unhealthy It is sinful victimising the true essence … Continue reading Ineffective Correspondence

Closed Chapters

Closed chapters beckon, to be read once more Stoic words with abundant feelings look pallid Instead, the background changed to dreary yellow Folded edges turn inward to gain some insight Missing the freshness of heydey dreams Some of the memories do carry old aromas Staying relevant between closed covers is tiring Without any hope, caught between heart and mind Lines recite frail feelings in a morose … Continue reading Closed Chapters

Beyond and Within

Difficult lies entices the illusionary world of Time Conceives the most potent narratives to blend with consciousness Eternal thoughts pushed aside to create new pulsating desires ‘Forever’ rests in the forgotten realm as illusions transform perception Cosmic sighs echo; the silently powerful messages always relevant Communicates with the purely conscious souls to further life There is no burden to translate the feelings to collective conscience … Continue reading Beyond and Within

Surviving Thoughts

The spirits of thoughts are conveyed by words. It becomes an arduous task to choose them and do utmost justice to the sentiments to keep alive the flame of that spirit. After the death of a thought, the spirit continues to survive through the transience and every day branches out to different trajectories when minds from a different world of existence wish to communicate or … Continue reading Surviving Thoughts

For Clarity

Not everything can be spelled out for clarification The ineffable thoughts seem to coalesce with consciousness Only the silence in mind reverberates with ultimate clarity It’s possible! A silence has not been interpreted completely Minor jolts from the trespassing information awaken a mind Entire Universe conspires to invade and embolden existence Salvage life from predominantly harmful generalizations  Common consciousness has to be entangled to gain perspectives To comprehend … Continue reading For Clarity


While planning a future, the present is neglected. The future cannot be evaluated in certain drawn out boundaries. It’s a fact, we try to plan or design a future, but uncertainty is undeniable. The conflict is between the perceived certainty and the ambivalence due to unforeseen events.  We have to reach an understanding between the brain and mind, which communicates, but also contradicts.  ~Amitav Continue reading Planning