Some lost in translation Rest in interpretations Feelings, lose their relevance None can salvage them From prying eyes and scorns Derision is routine Silence can’t be refuted Only the one who cares Willing to breach the walls To reach the heart Feel the real feelings In their purity Feel, the feelings true Heart with a soul Feelings get the respect Eyes meet with recognition Of … Continue reading Feelings

The Existence

Obliterate the concept of time World will transform to a seamless existence Curious time peeks into the soul Making us aware of the differences Time is the concept which differentiates Even the senses are conditioned to think so Time potentially suppresses our eternal dreams Creating a world with myriad definitions All that life is, loses its relevance in demarcations Neither can we hold on to … Continue reading The Existence

Specter of Time

The ghost of time has cast a spell Secret sorcery chants to hallucinate Devoid of volition and hearts will Forever fleeing from the truth Vulnerability exposes the fears Weakening the fundamental tenets It’s a mechanical race of insanity Breeding false hopes and cyber reality Ghost of time is an aberration Of the illusionary course of debilitation Maladies and sufferings of the soul Shrieks of desperation … Continue reading Specter of Time

Crowded Caravans

Don’t board the crowded caravans Caught in the web of chaotic traffic Haphazard intersections of journey Colliding with each other at will You can hardly hear yourself speak Voice drowned in unrealistic cacophony Caravans, like rudderless ships they move Without deciphering the journey’s map Unsure and relentless pursuit of woes Life ceases to be the conscious pilgrimage Quickened thoughts and unrealistic goals The very essence … Continue reading Crowded Caravans