Somewhere Unknown

Brackish words unbearable for the strongest too Subtle waves weaken the foundation Far away from the cosy recesses of the pampered woods Here, under the canopy of harshness, it burns That lingering freshness of a bygone era troubles Even the lovely blue transforms into a cynical hue Open soul prone to the shrewd darkness Sunset of a sinister nature burn off the fences afar Sitting … Continue reading Somewhere Unknown

Closed Chapters

Closed chapters beckon, to be read once more Stoic words with abundant feelings look pallid Instead, the background changed to dreary yellow Folded edges turn inward to gain some insight Missing the freshness of heydey dreams Some of the memories do carry old aromas Staying relevant between closed covers is tiring Without any hope, caught between heart and mind Lines recite frail feelings in a morose … Continue reading Closed Chapters