Time and Age

Extravagance of youth  Diminishes the will at old age Surrounded by heaps of memoirs Dog-eared pages of silent repentance Jaundiced memories lay there No hope of ameliorating the past Feeble summon is not  an invitation A cloak of loneliness, only possession Time’s shifted towards fragile ground© Continue reading Time and Age

Heart Becomes Weary

Heart becomes weary When love becomes a fantasy An imagination born out of deception The heart sways between tow worlds- Chastising the truth and encouraging the lies Such moments of euphoric gratification The world shrinks and becomes an island Surrounded by the strong flowing desires Wrenching the heart of true love, slowly Finally, the heart is weaned away forever On the island of despair Marooned … Continue reading Heart Becomes Weary

Face-to-face with a Mirror

The mirror has a glossy façade Reflecting the ultimate truth Mirror gazes at your soul Thus the image of your being The deeper thoughts and nature Sometimes the uneasy truth Staring at you for an answer Or, may be some soul searching Long forgotten world, neglected In the busy world of superficiality A world agonizing for attention Birthed from divine powers Now, it’s a mere … Continue reading Face-to-face with a Mirror