Daunting dawn fiery as Hell, trembling particles swept away by furious winds Demure darkness swallowed by a vortex, dreams visited fiendish territories Deepening deception of time, torturing the soul with fiery rage Nude trees, evaporating waters, the bald Earth devoid of feelings Quarreling voices destabilize abodes, wilted will of defeated souls Sputtering and flickering candles, elongated shadows crawling across salty walls Sweltering warnings, refracted rage, … Continue reading Suffocating

Changes Undesired

Recalcitrant ideas try to wear out the intensity of changes A storm waits patiently, gathering the power to uproot resistance Who would want to be propelled to the future with vagueness? Not the foolish idea of progress that essentially depletes the trust Bothered by the ideological shifts- the liberty to oppose values Turning away from the crowd is not cowardice, as alleged A purposeless extension … Continue reading Changes Undesired

Arduous Journey of Creativity

You can brood, feel extremely frustrated, offend people, appear egoistic, a victim of perceptions, get criticised, be ignored, become an object of jealousy, objectified, stultified, discouraged, encouraged by veiled sarcasm, ostracised All this can happen all at the same time or at various moments in a writer’s life, but they should never keep their pen down and allow them to be dry. Blank pages won’t … Continue reading Arduous Journey of Creativity

No Clarity

While one let it slip through the lips on being convinced of its reasonableness Murmurs in the head discussed their characteristics; it may be daunting because of clarity That’s the burden it has to  bear while proposing an extremely lucid explanation The charm of such conversations are robbed of their place in times of difficulties Making them controversial, even before they have a chance to … Continue reading No Clarity


Fears spark controversies and conflagration lights up a path That could have merged, but diverges into a fiery parallel reality This distance singes the feet and keeps away chances of reconciliation Dividing dreams into bothersome duality tearing off the resistance Hyperrealistic intensity deeply furrows the subtle canvas  Some bold designs on close inspection reveal the fervent cinders Fear hides under such circumstances and annihilate the … Continue reading Fear

Uncertain Affability

Unhealthy bonhomie arises from depths of paranoia Unexpected changes stir the stale ideologies  In a cauldron, settled for too long, with brackish taste of woes One who holds the friendly fire to evaporate them Is perceived to be an uninvited nemesis Psyche shrouded in mediocrity spells every thought erroneously Narrations from the devil’s book sounds alluring Promising thrills and ecstatic incentives to gyrate the mind … Continue reading Uncertain Affability