Gifts from a Writer to a Reader

The literal penury of a writer can be only fulfilled by the affluence of language; whichever language the writer composes the work, cannot be easily satiated by emaciated words. Even the mundane ones and clichés do not justify the hunger to create a work of Art. The blank pages, waiting like a dissatisfying lover has to be wooed by the prosperous feelings, conveyed in a … Continue reading Gifts from a Writer to a Reader

In Vain

A grand idea to capture love with hatred and intimidation Weaving a narrative with charlatan ideas; a weapon of self-destruction The hurled denunciations erupt accidentally to wound the perpetrators Same ammunition to defame and denude the truthful feelings Abandoned sanity try to reason with psychotic advances of thoughts Paying to create the cowardly delights and celebrating craziness It’s a futile struggle of despots to earn … Continue reading In Vain


Continuous drivel cannot absorb the urge to seek  For a language that can spell the Soul without faults Tongue imprisoned by words of absolute insensitivity Pity the mayhem?  There isn’t any pattern to the dissonant voices Death of dreams- a responsibility shunned by perpetrators It’s unmanly to hide the failures behind mawkish faces Triumph of wrong illegitimately marches ahead Earth isn’t hopeless but those irascible … Continue reading Contemplations

Identity of Words

Dislocated words dangle feebly with excruciating pain Tattered tendons and muscles do not allow room for communication Some feelings being alienated and punished with disdain Looking at the words in agony shatters the heart of Bards An effort to apply the haphazardly collected words for therapeutic measures Twisted feelings distort the narratives with a deafening scream Lost in the meandering labyrinths are the concerted effort of pen … Continue reading Identity of Words

World Together

Physically travelling across continents Should be an eye-opener By meeting people of diverse cultures Food becomes a reason to bond Simple to exotic cuisines Different and beautiful terrains Mountains, valleys, and wildernesses Deep gorges and feisty waterways Rustic pathways to classical boulevards Finest manicured lawns to simple kitchen gardens Palatial suites to the rustic warmth of families Genuine love and affection Somewhere, borders divide the … Continue reading World Together