Convincing Ideas

Mostly, people go along with the convincing idea that they know. More often, that thought comes from a consciousness constructed from long-standing or rigid ideologies which are ordained by continuously monotonous repetitions to memorise the knowledge, which may not be necessarily thoroughly analysed. Without knowing oneself, the mind remains vulnerable from the aggressive stance that goes into creating a detrimental foundation, which does not allow … Continue reading Convincing Ideas

Responsible Words

Words struggle to maintain a balance on slippery surfaces Sliding off minds, they often fail to reach depth of consciousness Fate of words decided by glistening grandeur of superficiality Destiny of pen is not realised if they are meant to scratch the surface Resembling wounds that can be healed by temporary wraps of feelings It is time to inspect the grazed and abrasive edges of … Continue reading Responsible Words


List of forgotten essentials Faint images still murmur  Overshadowed by life Projections are a strategy Overlapping blurry feelings Disorganized conversations Incurable negative tongue Weak composition of words Languages of despair Impotent powers celebrated An agreement accepted Relegating the real self Holding the crumpled list Essentials are useless Ambitions soar  Dreams and perceptions Marketed with skill The virtue of conformity A resounding ‘Yes’ Approval with diligence Finding … Continue reading Essentials


A feeble voice said, “Hello” Thus spoke an unknown entity Unaware of the presence Searching for the source In reflections of the voice  Trying to decipher the waves Unknown frequency Rhythm feels familiar Lost among dissonance A simple greeting baffles Sifting through memories Maybe, chance upon a clue Mind peeps and then leaps Challenging life’s boundaries Eager to meet the unknown Life of contradictions Mirroring … Continue reading Echo

Importance of Blogging- A World of Knowledge

The Internet has been a boon for many and when we think of gathering information and updating ourselves with more knowledge on different topics, is thought to be a utopian situation. Well, I agree that there won’t be an ideal situation because of the multitude of thoughts and when different levels of consciousness collide, it is expected to be a knowledge arena where everyone is eager … Continue reading Importance of Blogging- A World of Knowledge

A Writer

A writer must be more responsible in understanding life and narrating the same in their writing to awaken and inspire minds of the readers. A writer should try to become a good friend and adviser to the readers. It takes effort to portray the reality of life in a softer tone, without unsettling sentiments. Writers will go through the travails of life and still be inspired to put their … Continue reading A Writer

Knowledge and the Journey of Life

We always have given in to temptations; we have created many throughout the ages and with faltering steps and eager intent walked into the sphere of a make-belief world. We believe that we gain experience by living these temptations and then begin exercising our mind to compare. Our success and failures, as we have come to perceive them, are all in comparison with how others … Continue reading Knowledge and the Journey of Life

Power of Thoughts and Individuality

As an individual, although guided by the thoughts accepted by the masses, wants to create a unique identity, to distinguish the self. This can prove to be a paradox of existence. The popular thoughts tried for ages and accepted, to give some semblance to the life we are following and compels an individual to follow. They make you part of the society and less of a rebel. To … Continue reading Power of Thoughts and Individuality