Withered Spaces

Folded spaces, the feelings abbreviated and laid down to sleep Yes, there is silence now, for a brief moment it feels peaceful Slowly there is a hint of remorse from the cavernous world Solitary soul trying to straighten the ravaged moments Unfamiliar grounds, the uncaring touch like an ominous shadow Slumped emotions, still there, between reality and illusion First signs of decay; the glorious days … Continue reading Withered Spaces

Cannot Rest

I cannot rest my mind on this tumultuous earth Softer dreams have been pulled away  Present inconveniences were slipped through the yawning door Judgemental errors lead to confiscations of preciousness Of life that is tranquil and sprinkled with golden moments  Unrevealed abysses have opened up  Must be the persistent orders from the ruler of the darkened world Frozen ogres have woken up hastily Years of … Continue reading Cannot Rest

The Silent Night

The forlorn sky, pale sighs, and night of uncomfortable silence Neath the shed a solitary soul rues the missing stars; a bitter feeling Without disturbing the Earth’s slumber, a dreamer embraces coldness Sky summons the wintry feelings and the dull moon’s melancholy echoes Frail winds barely shake the sleeping souls, but this one soul is awake Waiting for the sweet lullaby before the earth wakes … Continue reading The Silent Night

Unknown Visitor

A pleasant knock on the door Early morning visitor guided by the night Here, at the doorstep waiting for a response The startled eyes and unprepared soul Dreaming of a distant time deluged by falsehoods Who arrived here isn’t trusted Ignoring the gentle reminder from a visitor Woken up from the bed by two realities Ears pressed between the pillows To soften the cacophony of … Continue reading Unknown Visitor

As Night Descends

As night descends in the windswept city There is a palpable discomfort in the air Uneasy, the soul resonates with the agony Silhouettes of few trees against the backdrop The branches, like the child’s raised arm In prayer, for reprieve from the stifled air City footsteps have uprooted their dynasty Dwellers, to and fro, across the city roads Rushing through the cityscape in a blur … Continue reading As Night Descends


The rising clamor turns into louder chants Different voices speaking the same language Vocal chords stretched between wants and expectations Raising the pitch every day stressing on each syllable In the garb of same tone, a deafeningly cracked tonal quality Vociferous raptures and the ebb and flow of the hand waves Demands are many from the modern social order Waiting to create fissures in the … Continue reading Voices