To Experience Life

The irresolute emotions breathing in self-seeking desires Loses the vision of a wonderfully expanding world, ready to embrace life and mediate between the upheavals There are lesser chances of escaping the conundrum of woes while desperately looking at the image sculpted from delusional eyes The silhouettes cannot walk around the empire of light without feeling the nakedness From the fetal position to many wanderings with … Continue reading To Experience Life


Smell of mundane hangs too low, rather heavy for the senses Their frivolousness plays too much with the emotions; there’s no reason though To accentuate their behaviour through loosely woven languages What’s with all the euphoria surrounding the incredulously divided territories Feet stuck in the region demarcated by the mundane philosophies Someone who observes cannot hide the doubt over the beliefs and propagations Try convincing the … Continue reading Mundane

Obscure synonyms

Those who choose to relinquish the purpose and walk with the crowd Blends easily with similar identities and speak language that resonates With a gathering of ears while earthly time decides the pace of journey That desire to be distinct soon erases from each grain of existence Curdles language and incoherent feelings inadequately communicate Thick flow slows the pace of feet that dreamt of walking … Continue reading Obscure synonyms

The Identity

Identities settled as dust particles  Obfuscating the view with granular irrationalities Abrasions from constant friction Pulverised illogical meanings pollute the mind Even the eyelashes feel heavy  Lungs bellow in constant agony-gasping for freshness Changing the rhythm of breathing An inclination went too far and now bends abysmally The backbone of existence compromised Waking up to dismal environments everywhere Insipid aftertaste of life A cacophony of impoverished … Continue reading The Identity


When transformations have gone wrong Highlighting the secret efforts of twilight zone Ruination has coerced the souls to quieten Day’s smiles and evening grandeur are feigned Gated entry to world of boundaries There is no freedom for the trees, birds, and winds Once verdant valleys look misshapen Uninformed sculptors destroyed the natural essence Reconciliation with the unnatural world Aesthetics is a long forgotten philosophy Breathing forcefully within the confines … Continue reading Transformation

Distorted Life

No one escapes unscathed from life An indirect assault from false perceptions Propels you towards a labyrinth of delirium You are wound up in a vicious spiral of lies Coerced to mentally ruminate distorted ideas When your core principles are slowly obliterated Throwing you further towards a chaotic periphery A delirious stupor and lack of veridical perception Relevance of new world order is obfuscating reality … Continue reading Distorted Life

Denials and More

Naive it is to believe the fleeting presence Hurt the soul with unnecessary rebelliousness Without a cause and any direction to move ahead Stuck within the confines of relentless social mores Defeatist causes and dysfunctional communications World has come to a passé due to misinterpretations The ways of the life and the basic tenets are disregarded Institutionalizations of thoughts have coerced the mind Confined the … Continue reading Denials and More

Long walk to Freedom

We cannot yearn for freedom After creating boundaries Work within the precincts Cordoned off by restricted thoughts Evolution of a different kind Permission for every little step taken Coerced toward a direction Etched out by few minds Marking out labyrinths unfathomable No one can veer away at will Segregated segments of society Many differences and increasing chasms Structures confines rather than shelter Mind conditioned to … Continue reading Long walk to Freedom