Curious Complication

A curious man’s complicated mixture of emotions stare from the fragile apparatus Strange dyes of the confabulated world mix like an enigmatic solution Intermingle in a serpentine manner, as if the desires of the man is aroused by some ogre’s charm The rancorous smell emanating from it fills the dingy room like a ravenous demon This may not be enough; if the soul and flowing … Continue reading Curious Complication

The Echoes

Wonder which language the ancient monuments speak Once grand and glory of an Age they survive the onslaught of time Many mysteries are whispered by the walls, remain still in oblivion Not all the stories have been narrated and those spirits await liberation Narratives remain relevant forever as eternity carries them Listen to the murmurs of the mountains and impatience in surrounding winds Echoes between the … Continue reading The Echoes

A Destiny

There is no magic balm to smear on the forehead Wishing to expunge the fate that has been inscribed Vague emotions are not enough to ameliorate life It’s an insult to consciousness for listening to chaos Look within! If there is hope concealed in any corner Take time to consider the turmoil and control emotions The forehead reflects convoluted ciphers as fate  Bowing down to the perfidious … Continue reading A Destiny