Some Surprises

Surprises of being lost when not pestered by the acrimonious thoughts So many feelings come floating towards the euphoric emptiness Indifferent to the rising and setting sun, the days just lose their identity Pendulum times freely sways between the souls stirring and cosmic light Waves cannot be contained in the midst of a vast expanse of nothingness Inimical thoughts drown willingly and find a new … Continue reading Some Surprises

Contrasting Reality

Curtains lifeless, the bed indifferent and less caring to the supine body Eyes startled, and maybe a little lost too, survey the sharp corners of the room Contrasts bring out the disproportionateness of a life that is yet to come out of a reverie At times like this, the senses are half-awakened, but the mind is quite frantic Searching for that meaning beyond the discrepancies … Continue reading Contrasting Reality

Seeking among Antiquity

There is no dishonour in searching for the world nestled in antiquity Since time is insignificant and not powerful enough to hide the rich tales They are priceless; diamonds and gold fade in comparison Each story is a fragment of the souls who had generously spoken  Circulating them without inhibitions, never been scared of criticisms Knowledge is like divine fruits to satiate the hunger of … Continue reading Seeking among Antiquity

With your Imaginations

Travel with your imaginations Revel in their boldness and grandeur Travel to place never explored by the mind Without the fear or any inhibitions Free from prejudices and existing dogmas Not the imaginations those are restricting Be a free wanderer to delve into eccentricity New ideas are found beyond the traditional New wealth is waiting to be discovered A lone wanderer following the heretical path … Continue reading With your Imaginations

Morning Revelation

Mornings are a revelation Soul wakes up with hope Wishing the dreams to be true Nights are time to contemplate Introspection in silence Waiting for the first rays of morning Hope keeps the dreams alive In the confluence of darkness and light Your heart will find the blend of life An awakened soul is consciousness Mornings will be revelation A new beginning and new saga … Continue reading Morning Revelation