The Rush

Oh no! There was a rush, I was pushed ahead Or, I moved without my consent, when time was not on my side These are regular moments where I lose my footing But with that stoic expression, I have to look poised No one is concerned; I feel no one is even aware of me When I fill that space with my awkward posture It … Continue reading The Rush


Do you anticipate an expression(s) or is it that your actions trigger a string of reactions which could be the antithesis of your positioned thoughts. How closely one can read faces and their expressions depend on the uncountable times the facial contours change at a given moment. You may look ridiculous while concentrating on the uninterested faces of passersby, who only care to sneer at … Continue reading Anticipation


Life’s moments deprived of love Abandoned among harsh feelings and ridicule Constant remonstrance acts as sandpaper Abrasive collision tarnishes the smooth surfaces Life is depraved and dryness becomes unbearable Little thorns adorn the branches of Life Even little movements cause the skin to bleed An admonishing soul finds fault with Life itself Accusing every day of being cruel to existence It is not Life’s fault but … Continue reading Moments