When contradictions are buried for eons, there will be a time when upheavals emerge from the mighty displacements Shifts and turmoils create abysses; mysteries fossilised give a glimpse of rare outrage that occurred in times ancient Excavations of greed, compulsive and hedonistic pleasures ferociously try to break the uncomfortable truths It’s a duel of time now and them; unpredictable consequences and rush to retrieve the … Continue reading Upheaval

Adverse Time

Time has hollowed the place Some of the faces come forward Eager to narrate the past Mostly, hearsay Stretching back in time To retrieve graceful stories Breathing life again   In the memories of a region Echoes are feeble Striking against each other From dilapidated walls Antiquated journeys and struggles Prodding the fragmented remains If they were to speak In a bygone language Ears would … Continue reading Adverse Time


Frightened bones barely hold on to the coiled body Darkness has profound role while carving out a silhouette Pillows filled with woes do not provide an expected rest Imageries of a blithesome world carry deeply flawed philosophy Lusty physical state usurps the metaphysical bliss Tattered relationships hold on to feeble threads of hope Thou have mourned the ruins in heavily echoing words Forgotten follies prompted … Continue reading Disheartening

Among the Ruins

We have upped our ante towards modernization Pacing up and down frantically to build bigger and better Land masses and Nature seems our major hurdle Without a thought, we demolish landscapes and fell trees Clearing out Nature to lay the foundation of development Cutting across the divine share to etch out permanent scars Unfurling our obsessive dreams in the most hostile fashion Our serrated ideas … Continue reading Among the Ruins