After An Untimely Push

It is an untimely push to wake up at that hour Said in a colloquial language which carried a harrowing sentiment Of a world in a hurry; where a man cannot rest until the last breath Time is entirely essential for a selfish reason What are the chances of escaping an inhibiting world? One cannot perceive freedom as a betrayal- anomalies of an opaque world … Continue reading After An Untimely Push

The Uncomfortable Zone

It is not about the silence, but the tone it bears You can be artful in dealing with everyone’s emotions Unaware of the feelings that perish within In the eternal scope of existence, only animosity Tireless agitations and evolved heartless comments A kind of leap towards oblivion… unavailable spaces This silence is fatal; follows an unbecoming end Trite race, uncomfortable silence, and regret None can … Continue reading The Uncomfortable Zone

Often Repeated

You can steal the colours from a painting Mastery cannot be imitated Ideas can be stolen and propagated The interpretations will be flawed Sarcasm is always original From emaciated minds, they ooze Language slips through the perforated tongue Just to be heard and taken seriously Or jealous about pure reasons Those who spend their life comprehending A life with the deepest compassion Highlight the flaws … Continue reading Often Repeated


It’s difficult speaking with the blemished words Feelings capsize at the first hour of an impending storm How long the nature of language be unperturbed? If they do not seem to be friendly to the tongue Faltering at the entrance of a vibrant world Unwillingly chaperoned towards the complexities Which are mere perceptions, alright, but persistent ones Grovel at the first instance of real conversation … Continue reading Contrived

What’s Valued

Where cryptic sarcasm are sold at cheaper values Words mangled and moulded in a sensational pattern Wild, wild, and wild, the decibels decide their share Not here to buy what is being sold, just a reconnaissance Of what is being bargained for; devalued values set Against some diabolical worth of currency in coffers Sarcasm goes to the highest bidder who peddles them Frequently at the … Continue reading What’s Valued