The feeling when you are not surprised anymore by the surprises is quite perplexing; annoying too. Their over-dramatisation and articulation lack the spark to enlighten the sophisticated senses. This is not about a feeling of superiority or any delusional reflection about one’s character, but there occurs a time when the mundane surprises are not enough. It’s a rather delicate subject to suggest to a progressive … Continue reading Surprise


Of Horatian satire, the summons of common follies  Transforming into something more sinister Shrill, and extremely adamantine desires; often lethal criticisms From the extravagantly erring spirits- torching those intellectual fodder Wit is misunderstood in times of anti-intellectualism Morality pranks- yes, that’s the idea of depreciating celebrations Too many citrus fruits borne by the laborious efforts of futility Aggrieved tongue; and even the jaundiced thoughts aren’t … Continue reading Aggrieved

A Conflict

There’s always a conflict- Between the inner world and outer demeanor Whether to choose the popular feelings Or, be an individual who quietly makes a point With actions and not being typecast Similar smiles and dialogues To engage the crowd and enjoy the attention Incisive and outrageous sense of humor Exaggerating the deepest insecurity Waiting for the lampoon’s crown Happy to be hiding behind veiled sarcasm … Continue reading A Conflict