When Abandoned

Beautiful places have always been deserted after being debauched Ideas throng to them like a swarm of locusts dreaming of ravaging the beauty When ideas get a name, they wish for fame and the cult of eulogising them begin Once pristine visage will be tattered by insatiable bites of greediness It is difficult for the eyes to gaze at the grazed scenery; it’s painful memories … Continue reading When Abandoned

Silent Wonder

When the last drop of sentiments funnel down  Sudden colorlessness of a bright day is a contradiction Where they settle down is intriguing Earth magnanimously absorbs multitude of emotions Hoping to nurture them with motherly love Before that moment persuades the darkness To say goodbye from a grand stage of crimson hues Spirited lyrics wave in with magical dulcet tones New feelings will be birthed … Continue reading Silent Wonder

Light Saga

Demure lights playing hide-and-seek, quietly enjoying the moment Ticklish birds preen lazily before flying away towards night’s abode Sprinkled golden glitters cheekily prance around the subtle ripples Tantalising sky emulate the Sun’s magical expressions across the horizon A river of emotions of cosmic world is visible at this confluence Waiting for dusk to settle down for a brief pause before night arrives It’s an experience narrated by … Continue reading Light Saga

Nature’s Playfulness

When clouds part ways  To let the rays of light pass Revealing another dimension Mood of the day transforms Rays of light tickling the clouds Sun smiling with mischief It’s time for clouds to retire Hide-n-seek, play of light and shade Light sprinkles the earth with warmth Clouds may return another day To float like phantom messengers Quench the thirst of eager earth With the … Continue reading Nature’s Playfulness