Bowing Down

A dreadful dream of everything bowing due to intense pressure A grim desire to be in a pride posture and look scornfully The dishevelled reality will be pulled away and folded Discarded somewhere in a dilapidated structure- a reminder of past conflicts Yes, the clocks are too tired to move ahead at a frantic pace The feeble tick-tock announces the dreary moments One by one, … Continue reading Bowing Down

Uncanny Silence

Between parentheses of silence, the past and present meet Some occurrences are meant to be; how they can be Different worlds lean towards their susceptibilities Nurtured and loved in spite of the scorns and thorns Between silence, the defeated and wary settle down Crafty glances- the learnings from a deceitful world Work does not work but fatigues the sincere passions The structures and infrastructures- metaphorical … Continue reading Uncanny Silence