Strident thoughts let loose Caught in a rigmarole in a congested mind Eyes scream, and lungs can expand no more Erratic beats dream of another rhythm Nothing exotic like the natural one Yet, extravagant in their throes Cellular upheaval and distress calls Deafens the poor ears Out of sync flow goes berserk Winding across torturous paths Liberated in a counterproductive way ~Amitav Continue reading Ways


Eyes scream; witnessing the fragmented images of Earth Disoriented shards threaten to pierce the bubble  Anticipating such a catastrophe through stringent vigil Clarity pushes an era of gloom towards the precipice Feud has created innumerable abysses across existence Loneliness and sinister ambitions influenced desires Trying to gauge another human with abhorrent glances Hollowness created a ruckus with lusty eagerness Abysses are staring greedily at those … Continue reading Chasm