Vintage secrets were discussed, only being casually referred Soon to be discarded along with other debris, without any emotion Watch the scaffolding being dismantled by remorseless hands An obvious attempt to muffle the voices that may be contrary to lies Such patronage blatantly erode any attempt at logical stand Emotions drain away silently through the hostile trenches Life’s enthusiasm obsequiously spent in profane pursuits Dreams … Continue reading Chastened

Chance Narrative

In a casual slant, the russet covers hold unread folios Not even the sharp curious eyes can probe uninvited Dagger thoughts become blunt after feud with truth Only the hands that care and a heart yearns true Have access to that chosen space for mysterious words  Elfish fingers chastened by the melancholic stare Careless cannot untie the covers for whispers can be grave Embrace with a passion … Continue reading Chance Narrative


Earth contains the oceans and fathomless depths are never understood This crucible of life still holds the intriguing nature of lifecycles One drop is a reflection of eternal secrets Cosmic secrets thrive; protected by the immense waves  Such varied facets of Earth incomprehensible by human consciousness Reflections cannot be woven together to create a credible scene Beauty is enhanced in individuality Each sense in unique, … Continue reading Unknown

Oceanic Moments

Tantalisingly close, yet the depths are unfathomable Oceanic secrets held by eternity as a mysterious chapter Waves are tranquil and uproarious, depending on the feelings Silence and stormy moments do not yield the precious secrets Listening to the echoing sounds and jostling emotions  Is an experience along the passage of timelessness Footsteps on the sands will be washed away or erased by winds A traveler’s efforts … Continue reading Oceanic Moments

The Secrets

When the heart conceals secrets Feelings become entangled  The enthusiasm of heart wane Rarely the heartbeats enthuse Faintly audible in the maelstrom Like vines, the feelings wrap around the mind A mirror becomes an enemy- Reflecting the turmoil within Melancholic breath makes the mirror cloudy Face becomes blurry Secrets unleash their sinister plans Life reflects in the tiny droplets Streams of feelings cannot wash away the … Continue reading The Secrets


The hoarded secrets of a lifetime No more can you keep them safe As the box have turned rusty with time Mistakes are a great teacher Sometimes the lessons are too tough The present is mauled by the past One may not share the secrets But the rusty box bursting at the edges Waiting to spill over the present moment Time wears away the facade … Continue reading Secrets

The Messages of Life

When the heavens conspire To disseminate subliminal messages Through the realm of unknown intelligence Mostly they dissipate into an abyss of chaos Few minds are conscious of the messages Revealing the mystical chapters of life Chronicled in papyrus and stored in secret libraries Nature holds the key to the unknown corridors Leading down the labyrinth of ancient knowledge Even mountains and caves speak a surreal … Continue reading The Messages of Life