A Direction

Decide a trajectory, choose ideas that can propel a mind toward freedom Choices create paths; there’s little satisfaction walking on trampled paths Ravaged by excessive unsure steps decided by those who want to be followed Conformity becomes a choice by conditioning and coercive ideologies One moment of repentance pressure the heart to seek freedom from obsolescence Awakened mind seeks beyond the blue to find different … Continue reading A Direction


One wishes to keep an all-night vigil to seek the true spirits of mysterious world Away from the distractions of an inconsistent day, the solitude is an escape The open environs are tempting and heart becomes desirous of friendly feelings Fiendish eyes are put to sleep before the celestial eyes look out lonely hearts Pacify the worries before chanting the prayer of universe’s conscious soul … Continue reading Vigil

Complex Seeking

How does the mind find its way through the darkness illumined with illusions? It plays with the ephemeral images, silhouetted with prejudices. If opinions were credible explanations, then there would have been clarity. The intriguing habit of manipulating with matters churned out in the experimental sarcasm, perfecting the onerous production of fanciful burden. The irate ways and communication blunders create a pattern of a haphazard … Continue reading Complex Seeking

The Poet

Poet works with the shadows to throw light upon the nebulous desires It’s important to elucidate the solemn ways of the darkened world Mysterious awakening of the mind deceive sleep to carry on the wandering To seek from the corners and soften the edges that threaten the thoughts There will be numerous unbelievers but is necessary to plant fertile ideas Do not bother the skeptical … Continue reading The Poet


Chanceless wandering while seeking across the abysm Time is irrelevant and reviled by the wicked darkness Back and forth, the thoughts are tumultuous waves Alone in the alternate eternity so craftily replicated Foundation of abeyance grips the feet aggressively Sky dissolves and a membrane of falsehoods appear Amateurish seeking through the deep and shrewd alleys ~Amitav Continue reading Forlorn

These Reflections

Frail reflections linger for too long to influence the dilemma Weary thoughts wish to survive the pale moments  Little by little it edges past the probing questions and their sharpness Looking for that elusive shade not hued in dubious colours Keep looking for the virtuous mirror to reflect on lost opportunities More defined contours and clarity of reflections  Wishing for them to speak patiently and … Continue reading These Reflections

Answer in Echoes

Delicate light taper off after an eventful day When Earth came to life from celestial conception Life unraveled the purpose of first light Dreams awaken from deep stillness Surge of consciousness creates a new course Kernels of life pulsate with cosmic energy It’s delight in freedom to seek purpose  Furrows of darkness remain fallow Youthful times and passage eternal  That flame will always enlighten  Silence … Continue reading Answer in Echoes

A Sign

Eclipsed prophecies are not unknown anymore Freed by the crescentic reality  Impartial moments such as these are destined Even with closed eyes dreams are truer Obsequious thoughts no more bind a heart Sky absorbs the pessimistic fervour Celestial orbs communicate with a seeker Life will surge with purity of thoughts Eyes askance read the frequency of cosmos Prescience whispers the mantra of life ~Amitav Continue reading A Sign