Time Compels

Humbled by time, life presses on to seek few more hours Oscillating reminders of a sharp note snip away meticulously When listening to any other sound isn’t a choice behind closed doors Waiting for a kind intruder to walk away with the timekeeper Rewind the mind and settle down in the warmth of some memories Not tired or saddened anymore when realisation dawns  Walking along … Continue reading Time Compels


Adrift; far away from the course of a future that may become a reality Elements within has listened to unprophetic narratives and changed their energy Without the synergy with the universe’s elements, a shift and rift is evident The heart speaks in a different accent and remains incommunicado from the truth Mere drift may not feel too much trouble but the shift in perception is … Continue reading Future


Night’s reticent, there’s no inclination of darkness emerging from obscurity Tremors from the rage have unsettled days and they look like frayed ribbons When revenge isn’t monotony, but peace is not given a chance by greedy preferences One cannot hold on to the threadbare days to weave another canvas  Torpedoes of jealousy and anger destroy the sustainable thoughts  Persistent haze from hostilities define the wayward … Continue reading Reticence

Tough Lessons

Only if the words were read carefully The images would have been interpreted accurately Crowded images along with jostling thoughts Feel helpless when words do not help form coherent ideas Once learning was boring and seemed pontificating Words were mangled or erased vigorously Leaving the pages wounded with multiple blemishes Hysterical and contemptible against any philosophy The adventures of stupor took away the capabilities Of … Continue reading Tough Lessons

Writer’s Catharsis

Writing is a cathartic process in the sense that one can clarify many unsolved, distressing, and agonizing situations in life with logical interpretations. The troubling incidents tie life in a knot, and writing can be the most purifying experience after dealing with persistent turmoil. It is not easy to resolve all needling issues at that very moment but as one regains balance to introspect, there … Continue reading Writer’s Catharsis

Eyes of Admiration

Away from the idiosyncrasies, seeking an ideal world, where idyll moments are preserved in verses Preferred silence hums the profound mantra of a picturesque reality preserved by Truth Who does believe in the pristine beliefs that were hidden from the view of existence? Here, sleep is not laziness, but a rejuvenating journey across the pastures of emerald green Sprinkled with inspirations from the celestial rains; … Continue reading Eyes of Admiration

Light Evening

It’s a light evening, but the conversations make light of the situations Sovereign light disperses through the awakened consciousness Let the trivialities fade naturally; moving away to lean on the reliable thoughts At this fading hour, some profound glow astounds the dreary eyes End of the day, but the trail of thoughts are prepared for the esoteric journey Nothingness deepens its favour on the surrendered … Continue reading Light Evening