Lessen the Burden

Lesser the distractions, incoherent discussions, there’s more time to understand the images Just not forms of life, there is consciousness rooted in the soul which can branch out with care Positive communications nurture their energy and flourish with life-enhancing energies Reading those inscribed falsehoods from the darknesses’ secret pages can only yield suffering Syncronising the resonance of the mind with pernicious ideologies is always detrimental ~Amitav … Continue reading Lessen the Burden

Convincing Ideas

Mostly, people go along with the convincing idea that they know. More often, that thought comes from a consciousness constructed from long-standing or rigid ideologies which are ordained by continuously monotonous repetitions to memorise the knowledge, which may not be necessarily thoroughly analysed. Without knowing oneself, the mind remains vulnerable from the aggressive stance that goes into creating a detrimental foundation, which does not allow … Continue reading Convincing Ideas

Some Reflections

Reflections from shallow water expose the rocky underbelly Sometimes clear or murky, the flimsy tales dissipate with frail undulations It is difficult to engage with superficial thoughts and ambitions Repetitive reflexes evolve into actions which are unnecessary; depleted energy Crucible of memories plead fervently to gather some memorable moments Some cracks and vulnerabilities drain such feelings into deep abysses Mind is lured into a path … Continue reading Some Reflections


When the distances were not measured Free will and a soul eager to explore the unknown A matter of dreams only realised in slumber world It takes a while to accept the experiences in reality Including the senses in this awakening The journey is not earthly or transient Streaks of light dancing in front of the eyes ecstatically Asleep, yet the vision travels beyond this … Continue reading Justify

How Long

How long is not long enough to simply hold on to those Smithereen dreams Trying enough to find a solution for clarity of the original designs Without realising, the edges may have been splintered into microscopic particles Unfortunately, the naked eye cannot identify and gather them  Breaking is easy compared to the herculean effort required to mend Manipulating the particles and twisting their identity to … Continue reading How Long

Accepting Mindfulness

If you are forcing your conscious mind to contemplate too much about being ‘Mindful’, then most probably you are fascinated or distracted by the ideas that emanate from such discourses and distracted by various ideologies that have been propounded. Simply ‘Being’ and being aware of the self and looking at life with an introspective mind will simplify the journey. Mostly, individuals are trying to complicate … Continue reading Accepting Mindfulness

Seeking Listeners

Not many times do knees touch the ground Walking with unsure steps even when numerous missteps Arrogance or a sense of defeat confronts the heart One who is defensive wishes to face life with weak armours Knees cannot bear the weight of undesirable embellishments Mindless thoughts create a manipulated world around Fidgeting with the resonance of pure aura; weakening presence There is no humiliation in … Continue reading Seeking Listeners