The Stubborn Door

If the door was not a tiny crack There would have been freedom And the room did not stare gloomily At the incompetence of identifying the sentiments The ethos of going against everything Just for the adamant desire of ransacking It will be pretentious to escape Through that crack, with such vainness One is stuck in that rut Strutting around with arrogance Windows are nebulous … Continue reading The Stubborn Door

A Pen

The slant of the pen decides its mood Whether the pages will be slashed or sink deeper  Leave uncomfortable narratives with ink Craftily interprets the mood of the writer Sinewy words could be revived Or, drowned in some agony of disenchantment Chronicle a discourse of human dilemma Reluctant words choke the pen sometimes Only to be deluged with a feisty harangue Black or blue, the … Continue reading A Pen

Deceptive Times

The absurd trophies sit there, silently mocking the grandiloquent achievements Participating in the events where ridicule for cerebral ideologies was the cause of celebration Where stony words were hurled so easily; the multiple reflections of a fractured community Privilege to become an antagonist when such desires are abundantly honoured with glistening trophies Time is usually contorted to portray the meaning of existence in a controversial manner … Continue reading Deceptive Times

The Feelings

These are no colloquial feelings Surrendered to the undeniable flow of life They will float or sink Or, reach some shore that resembles a shriveled grain Rest there till sun shines brighter than reality Even the shadows slant little lesser For every fragment of thought is connected They may appear to be cryptic to those uninterested Living in a parallel world of unreal feelings Vanquished, … Continue reading The Feelings

Misplaced Words

How often the words are replaced to leave a sighing gap All, for the superficial conversations that emerge winner Undeserving lines stealthily violate the honest sentiments Consequences can be of any nature amidst unnatural languages Hunger to be right satiate the heart that seeks dominance Arguments decimate the sanctity of truthful communication Conscience becomes an uneasy spectator of wilful dereliction It’s a failure that life … Continue reading Misplaced Words

Dwelling on Uncertainties

Colour of walls transform according to the prevailing sentiments Shut doors imprison them till they squabble and find answers Changing masks from the choices that are displayed by mirrors Languishing phones do not stir due to lack of messages from the world House becomes busy clicking pictures of every possible mood  Framed reminders in every room as the inhabitants ponder Trying to get hold of … Continue reading Dwelling on Uncertainties

Future Times

Words that crawl insignificantly due to lack of space Rhetoric fueled by magnificently crafted dry sentiments Cinders glow with false brilliance; there is more to communication Abbreviated choices cannot yield the true fate Pen turns away from repulsive ink Prefers to be dry and sit there in pensive state Let the blank pages ruminate about nature’s gift The burrows can hide the words to metamorphose Dormant … Continue reading Future Times


Anything that is uttered echoes through the Universe Valiant wavelengths capture the true essence of a thought Weak ones are frivolous vagabonds  Echoes of a pure soul resonate with karmic mantras Transforms the parched lands with verdant emotions Recalcitrant hearts fabricate with antithetical  languages Echoes can be mirthful or annihilate  Reverberations decide the fate of existence ~Amitav Continue reading Echoes