It’s the Night

The tight-lipped night only looks for an assuring repose With the unspoken narratives being tired of a harsh day Let anger be wiped off by the soft muslin night Allowing the dew to settle on the rocks There are millions of reflections of embellished firmament Easier translating the hidden dreams There is no more despair when sharing the failings Night whispers in a dulcet tone … Continue reading It’s the Night

The Night

The night may appear obscure  But the Universe is at its brightest I can lend my ears with patience Listen to the communication inquisitively  Furtive eyes spend time to understand The magnificent visions Diverse colours are alive  There is serenity in the cheerfulness of stars Easy to discern the Moon’s expression I consider night to be a phenomenal day Only with magical and mystical appearance Night is for … Continue reading The Night

The Eternal Traveler

The poet claims happiness Pauses every time to admire The beauty of this divine avatar Chalice filled with elixir from nature A heretic’s soul wanders forever Listening to the songs in praise of freedom From the depths of oceans and highest mountains A traveler tries to fathom the mystical beauty Never from the truth does the soul depart Dazzled by the benevolence and grace Even … Continue reading The Eternal Traveler

Inviting the Dawn

The solemn night retreats slowly Folding the sheets of silence and gloom Revealing the grandeur of dawn Sublime beauty is the blush of morn Crimson light swathe the glistening contours Solemn places, now awake with splendor The landscape adorned with infiniteness of love Souls awaken with tender kisses of morning light It’s an embrace to ensure the early dweller Heart is enthralled by the reverberating divine … Continue reading Inviting the Dawn

Infinite Brilliance

The brilliance of the morning light is ethereal Transforms Nature’s canvas with aureate hue There is a trance-like stillness in the early hours Souls paying obeisance to the grandeur of nature Magnanimity of sharing the abundance of Love Hushed tones of the morning light stir a simple tune Resonating with the ecstatic feeling deep in the soul Enwrapped with the divine love from the firmament … Continue reading Infinite Brilliance

Wandering Soul

Solitary soul wandering Through the wilderness Sole purpose to walk through The labyrinth of silence Happy wanderlust heart Welcomed by the slithering river Only a soft murmur from afar Making its way through the hills Flow of nature softens the mightiest With time and patience Coniferous trees decorate the landscape With the morning sun Beginning to bathe the peaks There is a perfect synergy To … Continue reading Wandering Soul