Ordinary words hastily weave a blanket Invisible becomes those feelings of an eloquent soul It may have had marvellous dreams How inconspicuously they survive among many Failing to fill that precious pen with noble ink Tides of change wipe off the classical concepts There are copious comments about simplicity Oblivious of a tremendous sacrifice The magnificence of simplicity is misread Sudden euphoria and impulsiveness wane … Continue reading Surviving

Literary Reasons

The seriousness of literature does not influence everybody. Its intensity and honesty stimulate a sceptical mindset towards literature. Every possible type of critique pours over the literary conversation to dilute the seriousness. Complexities of serious literature require an open-minded reading while trying to interpret the writer’s sentiments. When a writer stirs uncomfortable emotions, the initial reaction towards literature is that of disbelief, accusation, and rejection … Continue reading Literary Reasons

Not only for the Words- Sentiments Beyond

Even before the words start reciting The eyes take that inefficient leap  Confident of overcoming the gap But, there are prolific narratives Series of unexpected surprises Overt creativity and metaphorical geniuses Steps of worldly rhythm incompatible Supposed nonsense with much emphasis Holed up soul in abject condition Given precedence to solitariness Oh! That blockhead Haven’t seen the glitzy world Probably, writing an epitaph What an … Continue reading Not only for the Words- Sentiments Beyond

Dimmed Lights 

Dimmed lights and blurry vision Mind rushes over those words to skip the sentiments Ruffled words harassed incessantly with superficiality  There are no plausible explanations for this haste  Philosophical discourses retire early in this commotion  Rarely, communications hold any seriousness Searching for that elusive moment when light can be welcomed  A simple crack in the fortified walls can allow new perspectives -Amitav  Continue reading Dimmed Lights