Could have been a delightful morning If I could remember the pleasant dream Abruptly erased, for I failed to embrace them dearly All these worries rush in without my consent Time descends toward uninspiring and dark depths Where the brightest have to surrender Tiring pace of monotony and the monochrome days Early shadows across the new-born light Their fading brilliance is an ominous sign ~Amitav Continue reading Fading


Dominated by the violent ardour Virtues slow down and settle as sediment Reflexes are instigated to act savagely More hunger to feed the rage within Flames consume the Spirit  Shadows fear to hold on for long No clemency for self-destructive behaviour Vehement forces deliver tempestuous souls Carnal desires devour the heart Vehement denial instigated by surrogate feelings Cataclysmic fate lurks in the shadow world© Continue reading Shadowed

The Shadow

Sometimes the shadow is overpowering Eyes turn away from the profound presence A conflicting reality, a debate between the two Long hours of silence arouses many feelings A question, “Is this ‘me’ I am looking at?” Faint light addresses reality in a reflection The shadow seems real, yet, there is anonymity Sometimes, its proximity is unnerving In favorable light, the ominous feelings vanish The intensity of the … Continue reading The Shadow

Shadow in Pursuit

Chased by the shadow You resemble an apparition Running away from light In fear of facing the shadow Entering a pitch black phase There is comfort living in obscurity Feeling with your hands To ensure the presence of you Swimming along the tides Completely exhausting journey ahead Running away is search of darkness To deceive the shadow Unknowingly, the shadow lurks within Manipulating the mind … Continue reading Shadow in Pursuit