Some Scribbling and Sensibilities

Scribbled in anonymity The words adorn a cubby-hole They may appear small Rather insignificant Encompasses the world Observing the humankind Their stories Gather here for solace To find some reprieve Or, a mention Here, the pen is sacred Words revered Voicing concerns Opinions of the powerful Drown genuine echoes Essential lies Buoy the world of power Once embraced  Oddities become natural Perverse grandeur  Fluid existence … Continue reading Some Scribbling and Sensibilities

Modern Significance

The striking firmness of streets cuts across menacingly Designed to scamper through the fate of life and join the mainstream chaos Blocks arise from the depths of unknown foundations, creating an identity Sometimes named, otherwise given a special numerical and alphabetical symbols Streets are built to suffer from the daily trampling by numerous feet and automobiles Life that is also planned according to the level … Continue reading Modern Significance