The Reflections

As if the Moon decided to not speak with the stars Sullen moments ripple the uneasy tranquility The wide-open windows and doors lean against sulking walls Clouds offend the eternal love moments  Settled in a chair which has witnessed many such nostalgic moments The body cowers each time the heart sends some message Damp light, empty glass, incomplete feelings, bland food Many voices use this … Continue reading The Reflections

Wild Silence

When silence is wild and pushes the complacency towards deeper stillness It is unbearable; the senses have become used to the daily ruminations over spoilt communications How can one corroborate the state of being in this wildly antithetical situation and life transforms  From pluralism to a more secluded existence where silence punishes the senses for extravagant deviations Emerges from the cocoon duplicity, as it becomes … Continue reading Wild Silence

Listening to Silence

It’s not being speechless when silence is stronger than most of the voices Only the language within speaks excitedly, for choosing to listen truthfully Silent adoration for the one resonating voice translates silence eloquently Piqued world try to be mellow under the influence of an enchanting night Time to gaze eternally at the blissful eyes of the universe full of compassion These eyes glide through … Continue reading Listening to Silence


Whatever there is, at the depths of the mind Do they exist outside as well?  Or, could they be some parallel entity that a mind is unwilling to reveal With an excessively curious world, where they could take them away Crafted with rudimentary tools and shape them oddly  There’s no chance of consummate care while handling such rare gems All that is natural, stays immaculate … Continue reading Existential

The Fading Horizon

The undulating horizon is ready to fold itself Settle between the approaching darkness and taper off like the flame of a magic lamp Streaks of otherworldly light add some mysterious glow to eventide There could be the celestial eyes peeping through the intricately designed calligraphic signs Eyes try deciphering the ancient texts that appear just before the day is about to retire At this hour of … Continue reading The Fading Horizon

Perceptions and Reality

The nature of philosophy evolves from nature itself. By nature, it means the entire existence as a single point of consciousness, from which the concentrated knowledge pulsates at a celestial rhythm. To be aware of that frequency of thought, on has to be silently observant, then sort out the contradictions, eventually contemplating even more to comprehend the purest of language. Building knowledge from mere assumptions … Continue reading Perceptions and Reality

Silent Contemplations

Silent brooding turns into an uncomfortable tradition of creating a situation With words first, then the emotions start articulating discomfort with language Words drag the mind from the gloomy silence to the centre of conflict and speculations When silence become hard as a rock, it weighs on the soul with its troublesome attitude Deep indentations blemish the once pristine environment of solitary dwelling Every day, the unravelling … Continue reading Silent Contemplations

Of the Night

Night’s halo and celestial secrets Contrasts enmeshed in a solitary soul’s pursuit To uncover the magical images Endearing voices wish to lure away the soul to a distant world It is time to blend with the darkness Acquire the rhythm of a persuasive night with a mellifluous tone Also, mimic the gait while wandering without being identified Even the shadows become friendly to this silhouette … Continue reading Of the Night