Eyes rarely identify the natural flourish of nature Waves of transformations are diverted Settling upon vast expanses of silence Restless time eager to erase those beautiful memories Numb houses rarely stir at dawn Only life wakes up to a commotion Voices won’t settle for solitude Love dissolves in the unsettling flow Cold streams shiver a lost soul ~Amitav Continue reading Rarity

The Flow

The lines could stream ahead if you listen to them with intent Where words do not loiter, thus, deciding on the passage ahead They may proceed silently, resilient against the mighty waves Their soul awakened at the moment they are spoken to politely With grace, purpose explained, armour of timeless wisdom Heedless following through the gloomy passages of time Cherished dreams become frail; eyes grief, … Continue reading The Flow

Simple Journey

The lure of simplicity, when time is lulled into a deep slumber Oh, the feeling of freshness and greatness of universe to reveal its splendour Fortunate eyes, blessed soul, and bosom full of happy feelings No platitudes and prejudices; only pure realisation of a dream forgotten Somewhere, in disdain, triviality, and disregard for the love of simple emotions While raving about the garrulousness and meekness … Continue reading Simple Journey


The greatness of simplicity is often evaluated by the devalued reasons. The fallacy of misinterpreting all the qualities, in fact, undermines the complexities and correctness. Simple definitions of simplicity rarely depict the real philosophy of simplicity. A lot of complex combinations are comprehended to create the simple images of life. The process of simplification that is usually uttered is a hasty combination of suitable reasons. … Continue reading Simple

Some Expectations

Do not look for simplicity with a complex edge With shining example of wily disguise Glint of cunningness shrewdly dissecting minds Waiting to pounce on those insecure moments Frail links wish to survive continuous prying When thoughts spy on the heart over time Learning about the preferred sentiments  Close to the soul, they bring solemn intervals Surrender to simplicity with pure intentions Conscience won’t feel distressed … Continue reading Some Expectations

Pure Feelings

Few lines dart around the heart, trying to reason with their feelings Yearnings still unsure of meeting the outside world with premature sentiments Let them torment the mind for few more lingering moments Soul will decide when to communicate the precious emotions Beloved life will guide a simple heart to seek around for eternal signs Finer memoir will be written in dignified language to chronicle true love … Continue reading Pure Feelings

Simple Luxury

There is no luxury in looking at a sluggish clock Mechanically keeping time of life Soul does not desire to wake up to illusionary hurriedness Chance meetings with the Self and unfinished communications Mirrors too have been created to reflect false perceptions Where am I? Waiting for the simple, serene, and sentimental moments Forgotten desires nudge the mind  Creativity maintains the sanity of existence As long … Continue reading Simple Luxury

Pursuing Happiness

Why pursue happiness that comes at a cost? An exorbitant sacrifice to acquire a piece of happiness In exchange of the original wealth of wisdom Refurbish the mind with worldly affluence A piece of happiness! Designed, embellished, delivered Sparkles like the priceless cosmic stars Short-lived moments to accommodate everyone  Blissful way of life altered by wealthy possession Seeking happiness to pervade through life When the precious … Continue reading Pursuing Happiness