It’s Simplified

Do not simplify to make it wafer-thin They won’t be spared by the ferocious winds Even jealous nails would rip them apart Urge them to give unreasonable explanations Simple isn’t simply being submissive Simplifying is clarity that cuts through clutter The heart and mind has simple reasons Life’s simplicity without further simplification ~Amitav Continue reading It’s Simplified

That’s Simple

There’s this simplistic simple and intricate simplicity Both unfold at the threshold of consciousness they reach Is it all about machination of time? Eyes evolve to adjust to the light that is able to penetrate life Mind can be persuaded to perceive change after meditative consideration Cunning light plays with the first attempt to assay the overenthusiastic emotions Overjoyed with puerile conclusions, the simple designs … Continue reading That’s Simple

World of Reality

Carve out a world through compelling imagination A reflection of philosophical craftsmanship As a will of the self and the soul’s desires Inheriting from the existing collective knowledge An empirical manifestation of one’s vision Projected by the degree of enlightenment One simple idea embellished with many versions From the remnants of earlier survival and memoirs Perception is the core value of creation Of a world … Continue reading World of Reality