The True Dialogues

The chaff dialogues aren’t my thing Never been passionate about portraying that false bravado of adulthood Where many are trying hard to keep their feet on the rungs that lead to some success Decisions are being made, of how to choke the pathways of conscious choices Will give you some crumbs of thoughts; pick from them or let the mind stay hungry How many do … Continue reading The True Dialogues

Ineffective Correspondence

Naive tutoring wishes to influence the words to propound slight ideas Only suitable to fill the hollow spaces created by egotist voices Misfortune, the language is stripped of its sincere robes Communication isn’t about being vociferous among acquaintances Reading out; when the intellectuals have relied on reading in When every publication becomes a drivel and reviews are unhealthy It is sinful victimising the true essence … Continue reading Ineffective Correspondence

The Blank

Not all blank spaces can be filled by desired feelings They exist to bridge the journey towards another destination It takes courage and faith to rely on the unknown Allow the steps to be lighter before embarking on the journey Leave the burden aside, reconcile and move on Try moving closer to the nucleus of consciousness Compose a summary of sincere renunciations Perhaps, the blank … Continue reading The Blank


Only I can keep my life in the sincerest form Soul cradles the reasons Flowing with ease towards the epitome of existence Dynamic elements are in synergy Life is a privilege with divine affection There is no ‘you’ or ‘me’ Even the ‘I’ blends without Ego Spirit arises to experience higher realms Without the judgements Sincerity of the eyes speaks Grace Nourished soul realises existence … Continue reading Sincerity