When Darkness Awakens

The nights are neither freakish nor the devils that are imagined, real Strange predicament of the mind quizzically trying to solve mysterious dilemmas An entire reality carved out from the magical mirrors blended with sorcerers chants How truthful can the silhouettes be, that are being manipulated like puppets? Bizzare occurrences are not anticipated but painted with clingy and devilish ink Blood flowing through the body feels … Continue reading When Darkness Awakens


Wronging the self and denying the freedom of looking at open skies Not expressing loud enough so echoes can play around in wilderness Life is unstirred by the ripples of openness Misses out on the frolicking taste of wandering with positive dreams What’s the point of embellishing those feelings with falsehoods? Reading something macabre every day to arouse the demons In the cauldron of woes throwing … Continue reading Tempest

Indistinct Voices

Voices in a vault Restless hands initiate sinister actions Words resemble sharp stones Shaped by years of wrath Truth insults such human urges Yet, shamelessly at war Trying to crush them Fate writ with troubled times Famished hearts’ desire revenge Peace is not antonym of War When illegitimate desires rule Troubled times birth more trouble Fossilised thoughts are excavated Horrific remains are repeated Once set … Continue reading Indistinct Voices

When Innocence is a Disguise

Sometimes, innocence is just a disguise A conniving heart yearns to lure An unassuming simpleton Unaware of the vagaries of behaviour Simple crack can capsize a boat Staying afloat under pressure is an effort Sinking without a fight is a choice Reflections do unmask the true identity Displaying the sinister face of reality Before ripples affect stability of life It takes courage to survive a sinking … Continue reading When Innocence is a Disguise

The Procession

Innocent bystanders Lengthy processions Blindfolded followers Minuscule members With sinister plans Designs for twisted alleys This show of followers Will finally lose track In the dark alleys With a sly grin Making inroads Into gullible hearts Soon the bystanders Will join the procession Won’t take long For the Domino effect To uproot everyone To live a planned dream Orchestrated by few © Continue reading The Procession