The shrill vulgarity defame, with words pulled controversially Without permission, subjecting the words to such torture with less lucid ink Titillating the voyeuristic eyes looking for some senseless pleasure Lewdness of naked words lay there in some contorted position Defamed blank pages do not even try to explain the lack of imagination Libellous overtones give a garish makeover to the vulgar themes on display ~Amitav Continue reading Vulgar

Leadership and Success

Exalted to the position of leadership out of compulsion and favoritism, rather than capabilities and character, always becomes a liability and cause of failure. A leader should be strong willed, an independent thinker, and intuitive enough to choose the right individuals, whom he can entrust with responsibilities. A leader should be visible to the people and also keep ears to the ground and address the … Continue reading Leadership and Success

It’s the Journey

As you walk toward a destination Walking or running through a labyrinth Sometimes you stumble and fall Or confidently maneuver through obstacles Instincts and understanding of life is a compass As you take decisions and find the key To the closed doors awaits you at every step Planned or pre-planned you do not realize the designs The patterns and crossroads that you face Sometimes alone … Continue reading It’s the Journey