Dreams after Waking up

Tinged with poignant hues, rippled horizon from night’s lamentations Dulled crimson looks odd on a morning canvas, dreams are barometers of human loneliness Yesterday has a significant influence, whereas, the present looks bewildered In between, a lone man tries to train his eyes to look beyond Thinking,”this too will be washed away”, may be needs another fierce downpour It may either make the world look … Continue reading Dreams after Waking up

Night’s Innocence

Eyes dazzle at the first hint of twilight For dreams can be welcomed to settle Between blinks glint of hope is visible Vermilion sky scatters and celebrates Sun mellows and prepares to reminisce Flaming extravaganza enthralls the soul Resplendent orchestra of colorful rhythm Dreams are prepared to express freely Cosmic crescendo and spiritual fervor Waves of dreams reflect through layers Magical colors through divine spectrum Light of … Continue reading Night’s Innocence


Sky is the most beautiful canvas for paradise dwellers Changing its appearance according to the mood of a day Sometimes a blank canvas with azure stillness Dawn and dusk generously celebrate blazing brilliance This canvas exists with the memoirs of ancient folklores Many interpretations as this blank space evoke creativity Ideas take formations when looking at it with idleness Considered to be an eternal portal to … Continue reading Sky

Misty Sky

Misty sky, in deep contemplation Grey aura creates patterns as they flow The wind smudges the canvas with sombre feelings Distant scenery wrapped in mysterious blur Vision is distorted due to interplay of emotions But the soul is effulgent with beautiful memories Searching through the droplets of Life Feelings sweep over the Paradise Sun decided to play hide-n-seek Engaging the solitary traveller in this plan© Continue reading Misty Sky