Before Retiring

Eyes want to rake in the wintry feel before retiring  Before sleep changes the course of flow through reeling darkness Declining the entry after the windows and doors are shut The advances of declining perspectives stop at the stairs Faint knocks of phantom times that emerge from condensing melancholy Through endless highways, they rush towards a colossal attraction All the fashionable words would quieten as … Continue reading Before Retiring

Not Amusing

Amusements are not amusing anymore Slightest hope to escape the revelry thwarted By the unknown hands that surround like apparitions Outlandish illusions form a kind of reality Beliefs based on their premises The rock-hard pillows, heavy mind, interrupted sleep Dreams and their fragments- only a few scattered Abandoned here and there and trampled Unapologetic feet desecrate the coveted territories Dug up, the terrible times, regenerate … Continue reading Not Amusing

Foul Sleep

A faint sleep is caught in the powerful vortex of a mighty dream Tempestuous feels the body among the compelling images that overcrowd Feels drowned, in the replica of another universe from obscure reality Light feels heavy on the eyes, feelings infused with stressful energies Pulled towards the lengthy and endless labyrinth imagined by Morpheus Days laziness metamorphoses into a menacing drama of malevolent dreams … Continue reading Foul Sleep

Bygone Feelings

To those memories that awaken in the dreams and ultimately drowns in their deepness, Feelings associated with names that were long extinguished breathe again for a brief moment; But it is difficult embracing the forgotten passions in times of total darkness and despair. Heart, even the soul feels spent due to the frantic pace of revisiting the bygone eras, Form where the embers rekindle from … Continue reading Bygone Feelings

Dimmed Moments

At this moment of unusual dimness, when light should have been there Somewhere deep in the world of dimness that disconsolate feelings wish to flow When light has been traded for darkness, there must be some reason to think For the unilluminated dawn has occurred before the eyes with some unusual dilemma Whether to allow the slumberous moments to continue or get ready for the … Continue reading Dimmed Moments

Drowsy Night

The night seems to be drowsier than an indolent world far away Some listless moments spiral in a mysterious way through the tapestry Moonlight cannot be goaded further to shine brighter during a furtive moment Feels liquid, it trickles away into an abyss as it seeks to join a secret river Cloak of extreme whiteness disguises a melancholic night to save it from curious eyes … Continue reading Drowsy Night