Ther are numerous sounds we cannot keep track of Even during the most intimate dreams, many sounds are forgotten by the wayside  With lukewarm eyes, one sees ahead but falters when the steps get entangled To those strewn sounds, their intensity and rage create a mysterious network Sometimes solemn moments are not realised in the euphoria of dreams Shivers fling away extraneous emotions wishing to … Continue reading Sounds

Sleep Awakening

If sleep were to be woven with multiple realities The reclining position and period of quietness can become a profound pattern With designs connected with mysteries of the universe; in conversation of silence Knowledge transferred eternally between the soul and cosmic consciousness A network of truth can determine the values Sleep can erase the persistent paranoia emanating from an unsure mind Let dreams descend through … Continue reading Sleep Awakening


Fascinated eyes navigate through the languid realms Sleep seems uncertain when the heart is placed between stars Set sail with the wind after relinquishing the arduous sentiments Words become irrelevant after listening to celestial stories Eyes carry the depth of blue and soul overflows with desire Once obscure world emerges from the cyclical haze  Dreams become reality when the yearning reaches a frenzy ~Amitav Continue reading Fascinating

Of Sleep

Sleep folded neatly by the unseen hands of dreams Wintry and reluctant heart feels the cold cryptic night This ethereal moment seen with earthly eyes and dilemma Rest contradicts restlessness for sleep feels a celestial sorcery Slumberous eyes conceive a narrative from tenebrous allure Sweetness of night is like celestial nectar Comfort folds of sleep is willing to cradle the unquiet heart ~Amitav Continue reading Of Sleep

It’s Sleep

Sleep was a charlatan Asking me to recline Obfuscating the light Head leaning away From the dreams Distant clock chimed An alien tune of time Pushing life away Toward an unreality Dreams flowing away Cascading furiously The impaled heart Unable to feel the rush Resting on clock hands It was anticlimactic Dreams rushed in From unknown lands Sleep seized the day Hapless dreams Spoke in … Continue reading It’s Sleep

Through Dreams

Dreams have struggled to stay afloat Immoralities drowned them in white noise Awry mind wishes to neaten the sleep Half-sunk eyes reflect through undulations Searching for freshness beyond the brine Possibilities keep alive the relevance When the horizon is suspended precariously One moment of truth can save the soul Scrawny branches of winter are far off One has to journey through different slumber ~Amitav Continue reading Through Dreams

Some Time

Pull back the night  Dawn isn’t fair enough Time seeks the destined light Recline for few more hours Wait for the bright face Singing in rhythm of life Love is natural radiance Time slows down For the heart can reminisce Restored faith and effulgence Courteous eyes vision a soul Embraced in kindness Softer moments of time Leaves an indelible verse Recited in loneliness Like a … Continue reading Some Time