Perplexing Nature

Do you essay to allay the fears that have been accumulating like a cloud Inner joys under the shadows of some ominous nature conspiring  In earnest, to smudge the silver linings with hues of stubborn grey Myriad patterns are traced across the flowers, leaves, and mountains From the baffling times from unknown empires; perhaps, they are rising Nature’s fragrances idle across the valleys, but the … Continue reading Perplexing Nature


Dreams from another dimension Deliberately discerning and sometimes delirious Dampened like a swab; feels weighty Drenched with perceptions and delightful Deep sleep seeps into another world Dizzying mind balances across dazing worlds Dreams are incisive and delude a morbid reality Dreary world sans dreams are deluged Deepening the relationship with eternal dimensions Daring dreams aren’t deleterious, but dreamful ~Amitav Continue reading Dreams


Time was infused with raven black color Eclipsing the fading glory of the day Preparing the soul for a mystical journey Dreams tread through unknown landscapes Before the first light of dawn gave a glance Raven black color faded away in silence It’s time for the dreamer to write memoirs Dreams spell many intricacies of life Words will try to live up to the dawn© Continue reading Dawn

In Search of Dreams

I prefer sharing my dreams with the universe From an unknown inspiration they feature Unlocking the true meanings in the light Many journeys through the mysterious realms Always an adventure to live through wonders Dreams fit perfectly with life’s puzzle Emerging image captivates the senses Night holds the secret directions to travel To wander in search for many more dreams When the body is in … Continue reading In Search of Dreams

In Deep Slumber

When souls have been in deep slumber There is a sinister magical spell of doom Somnambulists are driven toward a cul-de-sac Walking through a decrepit tunnel of maze Many doors open, but there is no hope of escape Souls unaware of the gravity of the situation Tranquil solitude has retired many ages ago Wilderness of creepy vines and entanglement Souls caught in the timeless travail … Continue reading In Deep Slumber

Beauty of Night

The mysterious night spreads across Canvas is in full view of the star gazer Stars are fond remembrance of hope Without them, the night would be dreary For the dreamer can dream freely Blissful ambience of the silent night Time for the waking eyes to slumber Charmed night mesmerizes the soul Solemn prayer for beautiful reflections As the painter chooses a darker hue Night’s somnolence … Continue reading Beauty of Night