Harsh Tone

If only the language could be held culpable for narrating the numerous lies Lest one forget the numerous shrewd ponderings to choose them deliberately To translate and train the tongue with fluent ability to invade logical communication It’s a blatant mockery of thinking and moving away from sympathetic dialogues Those lame-brains who consider learning this possible way of subservient existence Along the way language has … Continue reading Harsh Tone


Silence is surprisingly misconstrued Even when masks of sound wear off Absorbed words can be overwhelming Open eyes staring at offensive approach Speaking of taking away the rights From life, a life is offered unsatisfactory A disgrace when unable to choose Imposed speeches utter false nobility A flimsy cloak of freedom is insufficient Hiding behind the recklessness Striking with a sense of vengeance Improper information … Continue reading Thereafter

Invisible Chasm

Muffled cries resonate through the hollow feelings Difficult to separate being from such predicament The inability to translate them due to lack of a language Create a tormenting vortex in the subliminal world Rushes mind towards the clutches of uncertainty Sky changes colour when impulsive feelings gather Unbearable humidity grips the landscape Drenches the curled body with those drifting emotions Depleted heart carries the burden … Continue reading Invisible Chasm

Reluctant Thoughts 

When thoughts become reluctant in an unfriendly mind Constant sparring emerges to be the preferred communication  Desire to experience the ultimate grandeur of life become elusive  Wealth diminishes in value, every transaction a labyrinth of flaws Untimely erosion of philosophical facets of life weakens vision  A purposeless journey manipulates to give birth to alternative ideas -Amitav Continue reading Reluctant Thoughts 


Good Etiquette does not depend on age or status of an individual in society. It comes from a conscious effort to stay away from immature and shallow perspectives. One should cultivate compassionate feelings to display honest emotions rather than mere exhibitionism of vague and arrogant behaviour. Erosion of honesty and integrity is lessening the compassionate qualities and coercing minds towards unnecessary aggression.  If you honestly … Continue reading Etiquette


Dealing with life in a superficial manner has left consciousness vulnerable and unfit to think beyond the self and also analyse the deep impact of a situation that has arisen from faulty perspectives and inability to comprehend the chaos which is essential to destabilise the unforeseen threats of weak interpretations. Today, when we are forced to view ourselves in the mirror of truth we fail … Continue reading Understanding


Fleeing from dubious seriousness And the shadows of disquieting feelings Nobility of society lost among reflections Talking without sentiments The boredom of dealing with shriveled words Implausible transaction of emotions The void remains unfulfilled Institutions deride the freedom of thought Vague hypotheses of lackadaisical minds Follies will be repeated for sure There is a way to escape indifference Return to the ink and pledge conscientiously Write … Continue reading Regain