Thoughtful Thoughts and Progress

Thoughts are the building block of society. ~ Amitav There has always been a callous attitude towards philosophical discourse and critical analysis of life. Due to ambivalence towards such knowledge they have always been either looked at with disdain or overlooked with a passive aggressive behaviour. Philosophical discussions are considered mundane while weak residual knowledge is encouraged. Highlighting the weaknesses and challenging prejudices has always … Continue reading Thoughtful Thoughts and Progress


Differences can cause havoc when the individual loses all sense of integrity. When there is no communication with the mind and heart, a life can go astray. It is significantly noticed that narratives of ‘differences’ are deceptively played out and paced at intervals of life when the mind is most likely to absorb them entirely. Passive minds favor platitudes and almost always give into the ploy … Continue reading Differences

Narratives of Existence

Ah! These translated feelings that run through the verses Narrating experiences and observations from the episodes One does not reach the corridors of subtle consciousness in a day It’s a devoted effort to comprehend life and the soulful feelings There is an effort to distract with unfaithful narratives, diligently rehearsed Keen senses penetrate the facades of meticulously scripted drama Grand stages of life, where the … Continue reading Narratives of Existence


The brain becomes arrogant and foolish when it is time to unlearn When morality becomes the emphasized premise for mortality Undeserving and unnerving thoughts are embraced traditionally Collective uproar and turmoil spill over to threaten common sense Daily dose of potent baloney is injected into the psyche every day Illogical conjectures are the brainchild of the philosophically deprived Manipulations by empty assurances and symbolism are ubiquitous … Continue reading Contemplation

Human Relationship and Communication

Truth has it own way of revealing itself; this world cannot suppress it for long. ~Amitav It is observed that human to human relation is truthful, and simple exchanges or conversations are a healthy discussion of ideas, provided there is less or no influence of popular media. Communication is less adulterated and opinions can be shared with much faith and openness. When an individual can sense … Continue reading Human Relationship and Communication

Busyness of Life

City life is bursting with activities, there’s no reprieve from the endless chatter. Language has gone through numerous makeovers, to suit the hectic lifestyles; shortened, twisted, and even coalesced to birth new meanings, to suit the nouveau temperaments. Automobiles hasten the pace of life and it takes skill to tackle their arrogance with certain dexterity of the feet. Even when sidewalks spill over and there … Continue reading Busyness of Life

The Intellect

The intellect sharpened against grit stones Lethal transformation and glint of menace Avenging years of silence with unreasonable beliefs Severing ties with true knowledge of hermits Who have been banished to dwell among mountains To drink from the streams and meditate in silence Here, mayhem by the lethal intellect continues To capitalize on the capital of human labor Wiry sinews strained from the rapid lifestyles … Continue reading The Intellect

Do Compete

As long as you are competing with yourself to emerge as a better person, every day, it is the most difficult task you have at hand; whereas, any other competition that exists in the world are nothing but trying to prove yourself in comparison to others. Euphemistically put, one who can inflate the Ego bubble bigger.  But, there’s always a simple needle of wisdom which … Continue reading Do Compete