Land of Hyperbole

Listening to the speeches in the land of hyperbole Cloaks the reality and moral timbre of narrators Adjectives have never been abused so favorably To soften the definitions of scathing social satire Sesquipedalian humbugs become magnified in mirrors Adjectives come to the rescue to keep afloat mediocrity  Glorified inadequacy is revered in the land of hyperbole© Continue reading Land of Hyperbole

Modern Life and our Perception

Being modern and independent cannot be defined with arrogant, destructive, and escapist attitude. Not being able to engage in comprehensive and thoughtful debate is exposing the weak education system. Technology has become synonymous with social media and numerous useless platforms where many are spending increasing amount of time to express boredom, negative thoughts, and engaging in ugly fights. Increasingly, we use our energy in such … Continue reading Modern Life and our Perception

Knowledge and the Journey of Life

We always have given in to temptations; we have created many throughout the ages and with faltering steps and eager intent walked into the sphere of a make-belief world. We believe that we gain experience by living these temptations and then begin exercising our mind to compare. Our success and failures, as we have come to perceive them, are all in comparison with how others … Continue reading Knowledge and the Journey of Life

Wooden Fence and a Bench

The wooden fence still breathes Reminiscing the life as a tree Severed from the roots, brutally Still of use, barricading thoroughfares Nature used against Nature, that’s human Segregation gives a sense of ownership Trust is erected as fenced reminders Even the wooden bench allows one to rest Individuals, surrounded by a stressful life Sitting on the bench to contemplate busyness Sometimes the mind does take … Continue reading Wooden Fence and a Bench

The Streets

The streets are flooded with human trepidations, flowing incessantly towards unknown destinations. Every footfall creates an impact, a temporary indentation, on the flow of life. Fate, once in a relationship with the parallel world created by us, automatically transports us to the desired (effect of induced dreams) destination, without our consent. The faces try to narrate contrary stories of human successes that have given birth … Continue reading The Streets


There’s a sense of urgency Even the nights are not spared With relentless cacophony Frazzled nerves and dull appearance Existence is scraped along superficiality Lacerated feelings drain life’s force Overworked bodies and tired minds Blurry motions for mindless pursuits Life is losing its entirety Living in fragments, without continuity Severing ties with love and kindness Vicious cycle draws unassuming souls There are unnecessary questions Hegemonic … Continue reading Urgency