Choosing a solitary world is courageous Nothing can sway a soul when true calling of life promise enchantment The menacing voices try to deter with disconcerting stories Challenges of nature do not seem too daunting compared to human manipulations Jealousy and evil intent can translate to hateful narratives Menacing glint threatens to slash the confidence of an unassuming soul A valiant heart can defend itself … Continue reading Resolute

Solitary Walk

One who is prepared to say goodbye to the glaring lights Wish to walk through the door and embrace candid moments A solitary time leads the feet towards galaxy of secrets Timeless dreams unfold passionately and extend their true spirit Peripheries of nothingness blends into one beautiful world Mute responses from the soul send shivers through the spine Mind ascends with the help of pleasant … Continue reading Solitary Walk


Dreams often devastated by broken promises Like false kisses that caress the feelings for a while An uneasy query knocks at the door, disturbing the calm Not reassuring for the solitary soul Time does not understand these lost moments Intense looks rarely fathomed by cursory relationships A soul alone feels the trickles of lamentations Slowly flows the sentiments towards an unknown course Distant voices float … Continue reading Dreams


The busyness of streets drowned my intense dialogues I could not concentrate. So many faces and expressions Occasional stares and glances, but few words did filter through Jarring steps jolted the nerves It isn’t easy to follow a rhythm that is set for the crowd Colloquial languages blend to create an intense buzz around Slowly percolate the consciousness Old dialogues mixes with the new ones- … Continue reading Footsteps

The Window

A solitary traveler rests; completely blends with the background Constant phases of stillness and flowing tranquility of life’s purpose Prompts the heretic to write the most intimate thoughts of life With words, a panoramic window is framed to present a canvas Taut and crisp feel give a sense of eagerness for feelings to express The writer is in the background, a blurry image is only allowed … Continue reading The Window

Crowded Caravans

Don’t board the crowded caravans Caught in the web of chaotic traffic Haphazard intersections of journey Colliding with each other at will You can hardly hear yourself speak Voice drowned in unrealistic cacophony Caravans, like rudderless ships they move Without deciphering the journey’s map Unsure and relentless pursuit of woes Life ceases to be the conscious pilgrimage Quickened thoughts and unrealistic goals The very essence … Continue reading Crowded Caravans

Wandering Soul

Solitary soul wandering Through the wilderness Sole purpose to walk through The labyrinth of silence Happy wanderlust heart Welcomed by the slithering river Only a soft murmur from afar Making its way through the hills Flow of nature softens the mightiest With time and patience Coniferous trees decorate the landscape With the morning sun Beginning to bathe the peaks There is a perfect synergy To … Continue reading Wandering Soul