My Reflections

Is it time to celebrate the day’s end? Reflecting on the surrender and laziness  Surfing the waves of memories that rushed in Tiredness has set in, dealing with the emotions I would prefer to loaf around in the twilight Till the night gets tired of my incessant banter Maybe, the day is tired of me as well Wading across the undulating thoughts  The vitreous shores … Continue reading My Reflections

Morning Beauty

Nature witnesses amorous play of light and dark From where the beauty of morning is birthed Sensual silence lures the soul to wake and love The playful birds sing the celebratory song  Divine aroma in the wind ignites passion To witness the pristine beauty of the morn Rustling leaves suddenly speak in hushed tones Awakened soul is going to kiss the morning beauty Shimmering garment … Continue reading Morning Beauty

Reflection of Nature

The world before you Reflects in your eyes Safe in the hallowed space Paint with the honest hues Inspired by the soul Complete makeover Adding grandeur to the beauty World before you Enthralled by simple interpretation Your bond with the world Harmonized by the truth Evokes the soul to sing For the occasion to celebrate Nature’s beauty is applauded From the loving soul Songs of … Continue reading Reflection of Nature