The eyes look out for the subtle changes desired Some profound signs are reflected across the horizon Sun narrates the fate of the world to enlighten souls Many possibilities have been pushed aside in darkest worlds Fear of being exposed of the weaknesses and hybrid ambitions Universe peeved with the debauched souls propagating cynicism Beliefs deficient in reasons, not aligned to Divine energy Chakras of … Continue reading Transition


Compartmentalized feelings intersect life haphazardly Compressed hearts with shame, remorse, and distress Grief revealed through numerous cracks  Muted communications were once written in blank pages Crumpled they lay scattered, emotions crushed within forever Infernal narratives ignite an uncontrollable flame of regret Counterfeit virtues are painted with secret ploy to deceive Eyes shift their allegiance to intentionally allure emotions Naive hearts alone for long welcomes ominous times   … Continue reading Unresponsive

Beyond the Images

I rarely analyze the photographs and their origin,  Glared upon by the photographic eye, to evoke the desired pose Rapt attention at the thought of an expected image already dreamt Life freezes for a moment and flashes of light strike with precise intensity Seized moments, when a mere device is manipulated to deliver the images Even protagonists are not aware of the true feelings, after … Continue reading Beyond the Images

Uneventful Surprises

The concrete structures and colours synthetic Decided to protect the conceitedness  Foundations that went few feet down are vulnerable Aiming to rise above, draped in an aura of insolence There is shrinking space to propose free thoughts Consistently losing ground, that’s the fate Monotonous persistence drills through every pore Contrary ideas permeate this existence Unseen enemies look for an opportunity  Evil can soon be the master … Continue reading Uneventful Surprises

Of True Love

True love cannot be wrapped in any adage Without being cloaked in anonymity and a mask There’s never a barrier of expectations between Two pure souls draped in Divine habiliments Without any word being spoken there is consent Love that inspires the happy feelings to flow Infusing the entire existence with vibrancy Hearts radiate the world with eternal happiness Love declares the union of two … Continue reading Of True Love


Some conversations are surreal The exchanges from our heart linger Every word sharpened with intellect Simple language spells clarity Collected realization of two recluse Conversations, out of world experience Or, includes the entire universe Where dimensions of knowledge meet Tow souls, away from the commotion Thoughts shared, from purest origin When the mind has conjured Divinity Conversation awakens the souls© Continue reading Conversations

Classical Love

Ink traces the path leading to true love Eloquently flows the feelings, towards a heart Eyes shy away with initial reluctance Only to be mesmerized by the truthful admiration Every line wraps around the lissome beauty Feelings have woven the gorgeous dress Standing there in elegance for the lover to behold Classical feelings become a reality with love An elixir that flows through eternity Paradise … Continue reading Classical Love