Beyond Any Imagination-A New World

Silence takes away the precious times with my unborn emotions Time takes birth in a new avatar and enshroud my words in an unknown spell Night and day trades places transforming the space into another dimension Slowly turning its sentiments towards the evolving and evasive reality When darkness has a special place for isolation as it blooms so passionately The soul that was baffled embraces … Continue reading Beyond Any Imagination-A New World

The Shadows that Float

Evergreen floats on the overcast reflections Dense time and its late ripples, the expanding circumferences Slowed down, but it feels awkward when its time to reminisce Turning time to suit my existence is a dream that spirals around Like a serpentine reality wounding itself, stifling my breaths Consuming me, while I try connecting the blurry points Grappling with the echoes of forgotten epoch, a present … Continue reading The Shadows that Float

The Wild Pace

No path to follow, it’s been way ahead, a journey guided by dreams There have been reflections all along, of all the changes from life arose In between the seasons, the pauses were barely noticeable by passersby An unawake world nudging the quaint spaces, upon which chaos prevails Of earlier creations, from the desires that have been eccentricities Wakeful hours dismantled, time gyrating in a … Continue reading The Wild Pace

Not Vacant Anymore

Vacant spaces, feels weird, when there are plenty of hopeless thoughts Waiting to occupy the serenity and tranquility in a rapid movement Initiated by that chaos; imagined by restless minds, during antithetical time Feels ordinary at first glance, but their baneful desires are undercurrents Flowing dangerously through the underground passages, creating deep fissures Grinding against the silence, the indiscriminate decay is a premonition No one … Continue reading Not Vacant Anymore

My desires My Space

Sometimes sleep is disguised in mysterious waysEnters the space to despoil my desiresI am careless, they all lay here and thereSome inconvenient dreams are written thereNot some fancy notebooks, but loose white pagesThey are pure freedom, no blemishes of strict linesI decide the structures; of course, I choose the dwelling place for my emotionsFoundations may seem archaic, but they are solidWithout comparisons, the grow strong, … Continue reading My desires My Space


A cavern or space, the celestial spin doesn’t determine The spirit remains quiet while holding the keys close to the heart Until the shadows disappear; there is no communication other than silence Implausible for many when vacuous words create unnecessary uproar Everything seems merry through the fabricated perspectives Busy pursuing duality and finding an escape with the shadows The owl’s piercing gaze through a haze … Continue reading Revelation

Of Spaces and Thoughts

Spare me the square boxes They feel claustrophobic to free thinking Being contemporary does not require conformity More than a curious mind- a seeker of life Wanderings of a free willed soul One who does not define spaces and follow time Quivering of leaves welcomes the breeze Here waits an ardent listener of mystical stories A conscientious mind tries to analyze the truth Solitary steps take … Continue reading Of Spaces and Thoughts

Hollow Space

Strolling across the hollow space A state of meaningless action amidst chaos When the busy outside world subsides New motions in life embolden the steps You, and only you, a new reflection A moment of solitude dawns There are no more disguises Vocal cords find the strength for an inspiring speech After deliberations, voices echo true sentiments The hollow space reverberate with freedom Fate changes course … Continue reading Hollow Space

Infinite Luminosity

The infinite luminosity of many Suns Divine brilliance transforms the worlds Unaware of the intensity of entire existence We do not eevn experience a glimmer of eternity A tiny speck of a world we celebrate We are dwarfed by the illusion of Time The sublime worlds are awake with consciousness Only a reality for few awakened minds and souls Who can experience the deathless reality … Continue reading Infinite Luminosity