Blazing Eyes

Which type of fire burns in those eyes?  Do the heavens rest or woken up by the fiery spirit While earth echoes the concerns of that fiery unrest Prescient nature halts for a moment to interpret the quest When will heavens open up to rain down some light Maybe the time isn’t favourable now till descent of night Reading those eyes for some foreknowledge require … Continue reading Blazing Eyes


Come out of the mind that stifles your freedom Step out; nervous steps may falter, but always a step ahead Scripted freedom consists of some clichéd dialogues Sloganeering and social engineering; pretexts for distractions While carrying freedom in a soul becomes a burden Wish for liberty and free-thinking spirit to awaken with dawn Life isn’t for a premeditated premise of set ideologies ~Amitav Continue reading Arise

Eternity’s Hope

Freedom hibernates at the precipice of faulty reasoning Amaranthine fusion with the soul won’t relinquish just yet Handing over the red carnations from an endless bouquet of hope Waiting for that warm kiss to rescue those sighing emotions Honouring that oath taken in the presence of cosmic Spirit Time does not have the strength to ravage resilient mantra Cosmic incantations can heal the debilitating fractures … Continue reading Eternity’s Hope

Ephemeral Glow

Ephemeral glow from cosmic depths Transforms the feelings of cerulean waters Sprinkled generously with golden glitters Cold silence wakes up to collect them Before dusky vermilion spirit takes over  Weave magical spells across western scenery Last fires will be extinguished after day’s ritual Passing on the light of dark to lunar world Bid adieu to the phenomenon with a deep sigh Muse of the night shall … Continue reading Ephemeral Glow

Illumined Sphere

Eyes stretch to search for warmth  Cold vibes demoralize the feelings Crackling fire speaks to a soul in earnest Warm the cold hands Before placing them on the heart Relinquish mortal pains Accept, life is slow Transient moments hold eternity Fire reflects same passion Soul will ignite dreams with true spirit Bridge the abyss Fire attracts cosmic forces Guides through rough terrains Feel the intensity of fire … Continue reading Illumined Sphere

Love’s Essence

Fake exchanges do not excite the passionate feelings One that is not directed from the core of a soul Blended with the alternate realities and illusionary hope Intricacies of the mind mangled as affection becomes brittle The jolliness and grandeur of pure love fades and weakens Languorous mood prevails casting a shadow on life When relationships are not full of faith but of suspicious nature … Continue reading Love’s Essence

Surviving Thoughts

The spirits of thoughts are conveyed by words. It becomes an arduous task to choose them and do utmost justice to the sentiments to keep alive the flame of that spirit. After the death of a thought, the spirit continues to survive through the transience and every day branches out to different trajectories when minds from a different world of existence wish to communicate or … Continue reading Surviving Thoughts


A feeble voice said, “Hello” Thus spoke an unknown entity Unaware of the presence Searching for the source In reflections of the voice  Trying to decipher the waves Unknown frequency Rhythm feels familiar Lost among dissonance A simple greeting baffles Sifting through memories Maybe, chance upon a clue Mind peeps and then leaps Challenging life’s boundaries Eager to meet the unknown Life of contradictions Mirroring … Continue reading Echo