Mirror that Flows

Intriguing, the mirror that flows A face carrying many emotions dissolves Transient reflection reveals the truth Change is on its way, with fresh perspectives New reflection of a different ambiance A friendly apparition communicates with the soul Ripples of emotions from a pulsating core Life flows with relative ease after reconciliation Merriment narrated by the illumined world A mirror that flows shows a new course Revives … Continue reading Mirror that Flows

A Miracle

Ever new day is a miracle When the journey becomes tiring Night offers solace in its tranquility Darkness gives shelter to the body Life’s struggles should not make you an adversary of life Enjoy the night’s soiree and discard the worries Rest your head on the pillow of Faith Every new day is a miracle Seasons gifts the soul different experiences Pick up the lessons … Continue reading A Miracle


Be remembered by the beautiful fragrance Emanating from your beautiful feelings A loving heart is a messenger of beauty Anointed in myrrh and surrendered to Divinity The eternal world guides the Spirit Footsteps inspire the Earth to spring blossoming flowers Entire landscape is embraced in contentment Rejuvenating life and delivering the message of Love Blessed with eternity is the soul in this pursuit Trail of fragrant feelings transforms … Continue reading Messenger

Morning Laughter

The fresh morning laughter Wakes up the senses with eagerness First light of the morn has a lilting feel The crimson orb with a bonnie face Peeks through the window with mischief The laughter seeks to rejuvenate the day Pouring divine grace over the paradise None can hide the morning excitement Tugging at the heartstrings with playfulness Clumsy steps lead to the rhapsodic scenery Nature … Continue reading Morning Laughter

A Simple Journey

It’s rewarding, to be with life Resist the frivolous temptations Of being weaned away from freedom Life flows freely with natural splendor There’s no time to grieve over mundane possessions Admonish the voices those who speak gibberish Don’t let go of the true spirit of life Have the ambition to be grateful every day Love a soul and nurture the dreams with integrity Gaze towards … Continue reading A Simple Journey