Eyes Seek

Occult eyes, eyes the sacred rite of the universe’s awakening A wonder unravels at the time of crossover of consciousness Never upon the superficial sacrificial times, this life dwells Ecclesiastical character chants the eternal mantra with devotion Time is inconsequential when the mind is in the realm of truth Calm clarity silences the clamour of adversaries adamantine ~Amitav Continue reading Eyes Seek

Every Morning

Every morning has a newness that cannot be compared to the past World’s soul wakes up with the thoughts waiting to be deciphered The time is pristine; not much of the distractions of a wronged earth This reality emerges from the eye of eternity with stunning emotions Time for patience, to understand the nature of today and hint of future Without listening to the misconstrued … Continue reading Every Morning

Eternal Concept

The concept of eternal becomes limiting within a mind  Until there is divine transcendence to merge with that reality Comprehending the infinitesimal can be quite daunting Looking meticulously through the particles of artificiality Hoping to identify the real particles with celestial genetics Trying to comprehend the helixes to find some order In that unknown dimension of life with eternal energy The perspectives of existence transform … Continue reading Eternal Concept


It’s there, everywhere, even within you In your dreams from the subliminal world Consciousness of the day and night blends A course of flowing realisation sparkles Grim places are sanctified with pious feelings Flowing consciousness does not ferment Images do not curdle from fear of darkness Bitter drinks no more, only ambrosia Mouth feels spirited with positive language Every laughter is crystal clear and sincere Shivers … Continue reading Everywhere


Without a decent communication with morning Days start hurrying through expectations of life Ignored daylight wishes to get past heavy curtains Yearnings and enthusiasm remain same Hoping to get an audience from conscious beings Embraces change without lamenting Benevolence of light deflect in haphazard angles Little winged angels scurry towards the warmth Waiting for those unreal dreams to fade away Light of morn will be … Continue reading Hopeful

Being Awake

Silhouettes walk past the overcrowded mind Trying frantically to communicate at similar wavelengths Disruptions are real, powerful interference persist Measured words stifle language of the heart Only decorative tongues try to socialise with this world Carriers of such burden burdens the posture Journeying through unreal reality with inadequate reason Sun’s rays have become critical of unillumined thoughts Introspection can be therapeutical for unsettled sentiments Omniscience … Continue reading Being Awake


Thoughts transcend time for a glimpse of the future Somewhere in the vicinity, yet, mere consciousness is unaware There are supercharged thoughts ready to advance light Thoughts are mirrors, look carefully, images of nearing events Visible traits of the past, although blurry, embedded in every particle Swift changes overlooked by the ubiquitous arrogant theories Inferences have been restricted by the unevolved cells Still, immature narratives are … Continue reading Thoughts


The eyes look out for the subtle changes desired Some profound signs are reflected across the horizon Sun narrates the fate of the world to enlighten souls Many possibilities have been pushed aside in darkest worlds Fear of being exposed of the weaknesses and hybrid ambitions Universe peeved with the debauched souls propagating cynicism Beliefs deficient in reasons, not aligned to Divine energy Chakras of … Continue reading Transition