Splendour Night

Let the eyes surrender to the night’s splendour Be filled with the wonder of a childlike innocence and curiosity Gaze at the moon and try to understand its sacred light Luminous face blessed with celestial love As eloquently the starlights create an ethereal filigree art What’s behind the latticed window? Maybe the curious eyes will open today to another reality The divine navarque who guides … Continue reading Splendour Night

Reflections of Dawn

Dawn spills over with aureate splendour Lanterns can be extinguished and kept away Its tiredness is palpable in the languorous smoke Unfulfilled dreams have to wait for another night Another day will bring resplendent wishes Transparent weaves allow the light to caress the eyes At leisure the soul awakes to a new invitation Invocation of life’s mantra rejuvenates the soul© Continue reading Reflections of Dawn

A Rainy Day

As clouds invaded the day, the Sun had to retreat, but could not shy away from its duty. Gloominess was the fate of the day. The Sun was trying its best to peek through the asymmetrical patterns that were obfuscating the intense Spirit of the ruddy character. The jostling created a rather amusing spectacle in the sky; talk about nature’s drama being played out with … Continue reading A Rainy Day

Without the Night

Without the night descending on Earth The world will lose its grandeur The glamour of the darkness Shimmers on the silent waters Each ripple unfolds the beauty Caressing the water’s edge with Love Reflecting the sickle-shaped Moon Cutting across the darkness with light The night holds secret contemplations For dreamers, poets, and wanderers The magic cloak of darkness reveals Myriad ideas in the guise of … Continue reading Without the Night

Prelude to the Night

Evening slips in furtively through the twilight Clarion call for the tired souls to find a dwelling Slowly the veils of night will bring tranquility Life of the night weaves a trance-like splendor Don the robe of free will to welcome the infinite Earth that dazzles with the millions of smiles The commitment of the night to rain somnolence Walk through the immortal dreams in … Continue reading Prelude to the Night