The Insanity Rules

Poetic fervour revolves around an esoteric world It is difficult not to be intrigued by the flashes of words Like comets, they rush across the unknown universe Prodigious philosophies seem to be distant  From afar, it is quite a task for the eyes to decipher Silly feelings surround this reality in a misdirected stupor So many nights spent in sleeplessness and solicitude The decrepitude of … Continue reading The Insanity Rules


Starry skies waiting for the starry-eyed to come out of that lone refuge Sprightly heart urges the soul to don a new attire for the special occasion Spirits of hope times the clock; hands signal the arrival of sterling moments Sanctuary crafted from the eternal dreams open a new world of freedom Serenity signals the sprawling landscapes lit up with millions of celestial souls ~Amitav Continue reading Stunning

What you Think

What you think of the stars change according to the celestial haze Trying to trick the mind while it interpolates subtle ideas in a dreamy state One moment they seem to be stationary while they quickly change to blinking wonder Their characteristics are birthed from a dark faraway world, yet, they shine brightest The dichotomy of darkness conceiving light is a puzzling interstellar phenomenon None … Continue reading What you Think

Confessions and Night

Preferably leaning back, to view the darkness peacefully There’s a voice which says, ‘Don’t be too comfortable’ Those stars are alluring; I wish to converse before they die Wishing upon them is a chance when eyes are distracted Stretch of soft moonlight is inviting to the tired body Before sleep buoys me toward another dimension A cat mews intriguingly; probably invoking the night Mine are … Continue reading Confessions and Night

Welcoming the Night

The window blushed with twilight tinge Urging me to say goodbye to the day A reprieve from the strains of clamor Soon, brisk paces will slow down Far away, from an alien land, night will arrive The mind can float around in a silent bay Appreciating the rhythmic beats of the heart Mystical powers will transform the landscape Darkness will provide a tranquil retreat The wind … Continue reading Welcoming the Night

Beautiful Evening Saga

Evening walks in from a distant land Wee hours of twilight is here To welcome the weary traveler For, evening finds solace to settle down Sweet aroma of evening lingers in the air Twinkling footsteps will adorn night’s canopy Nature’s transformation is a wonder The soul is astir with anticipation Night will finally be here with the dreams Tremulous joy passes through the heart To retire, … Continue reading Beautiful Evening Saga